Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Create Polaroid-Like Images & More With Photo Notes!

I love finding digital tools and apps to use with my own photographs, those of family and friends, and the ones I find online.

When adding filters, effects and other fun things to photos, they can then be smashed into projects, social media shares, invitations and so much more!

Tonight when working on a new project, I needed to create one that looked like a Polaroid picture.  I usually use PicMonkey for this, but I couldn't resize it the way I wanted so I found Photo Notes, which let me resize it super quick.

As the site states, Photo Notes is a free service for generating Polaroid-like images and sending them to family and friends. 
You will find Photo Notes here.

You can choose an image they have, upload a photo from your computer or get a photo from the internet.
I uploaded an image of Brianna, Hagan and me.

Once it was uploaded, I could edit the Photo and Text.  
With the Text feature, we can choose the font, size, color and even change the location and rotation.  
There is also a little switch that lets you Flip the switch to draw!  
With the Draw feature, you can draw on top of your photo changing the color and brush size. 
 You can also choose from lots of different Frames, which you will find are seasonal too.
 Once you have your Photo Note ready, you can save and send it to yourself and others.
I really love how Photo Notes took my image and turned it into a cool Polaroid photo with text and holly.

This is one I will be adding to my tool box! I hope you do too. 

You will find Photo Notes here.

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