Wednesday, November 1, 2017

150 New Featured Collections In Lightbox To Support Collaboration & Curriculum!

Did you hear the news from our friends at Follett?  

Lightbox now includes featured Lightbox Collections!  

To support students, librarians and teachers and make Lightbox even more engaging and exciting, Follett has brought together 150 new Lightbox Collections. 

These Featured Lightbox Collections, brings opportunities for valuable extensions and further exploration of the Lightbox content. 

Within each of these Collections, you will also find free OER (Open Education Resources) content, lesson plans, units, presentations, assessments, articles, digital tools and more which will provide new ideas for instruction and save valuable time finding and providing resources.  
As a Future Ready Librarian, 
I am always thinking about ways librarians and teachers can build instructional partnerships.  These special Collections will do just that!  

The Featured Lightbox Collections not only enhance the amazing reading and learning experiences within Lightbox, they also bring meaningful opportunities for collaboration between librarians, teachers and others.  
Let's take a look inside Lightbox....
Lightbox offers our students one of the most unique reading and learning experiences. 

The multimedia learning experience within Lightbox is filled with audio, maps and illustrations, embedded videos, interactive activities, slideshows, quizzes and more. 
Follett Collections joins the extension tools and resources at the bottom of the featured Lightbox titles.  
 In addition to Activities, 
 Curriculum Correlations
 and Destiny connections, 
the Featured Lightbox Collections, brings so many opportunities for amazing extensions, enriched learning experiences and collaboration.  
Currently, the top 150 selling Lightbox titles now contain Featured Collections.  

You will find them in Lightbox for all levels including:

PreK-2 with series like My Five Senses and States of Matter; 

3-6 with series like American Holidays and Nature of Life; 
6-8 with series like Human Body; 

and 9-12 with series like U.S. History.  

Follett will continue to add new content to these Collections over time, adding to the wonderful resources already available.  
 All of the featured Lightbox Collections can be found in the public Collections too.
This gives you a glimpse into several of the featured Lightbox Collections.  

I just know you will love what you find and your students will definitely love the reading and learning experience they will be part of with Lightbox too.
As librarians and educators we want to put the very best and most engaging resources into the hands of our students.  We want to find those resources that make learning exciting and content come to life.  
And we want to choose resources that inspire all of our readers in a variety of ways.  

With Lightbox from Follett, we can offer the unique student-centered learning experience we are looking for...and one filled with wonderful resources for us as librarians and teachers too.  
You will find Lighbox on Titlewave

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