Sunday, November 12, 2017

Disguise A Turkey Challenge Using Buncee! Perfect For A Library or Classroom Center!

I keep finding such terrific resources to add to the Thanksgiving Resources for Librarians and Teachers Collection by Destiny.  

I love how this is growing with projects, crafts, recipes, online and print resources, interactive websites and more.  

And one of my favorite things I have been finding to add are digital tools and apps that are perfect to use for Thanksgiving.  
In fact, I came across one tonight when I was reading through the Buncee Educators Facebook Group, which by the way you can join here.  I just know you will love it!  :)
Sean Farnum shared the post above about the Disguise a Turkey Challenge created by Katrina Worthington.  

The post states, Her original assignment for her students is in this board for you to share in your classroom, or you can just do your own and add to the board. 

How fun!  I went right to the.....
Buncee #TurkeyChallenge Board to find Katrina's original assignment.  
You will find this Buncee here too.  

I love the second page of the Buncee where she includes the prompt My Disguise of 2017.  

How fun is this! 
With every Buncee Board, it is very easy for students to add their #TurkeyChallenge Buncee through a QR code or by a link.

The Turkey Challenge would be perfect to bring to your library or classroom in so many ways.  
My sister Heather gave me a really fun idea to kick off the project. 
You could read Turkey Trouble by Wendi Silvano, illustrated by Lee Harper.  Like Heather shared, The turkey dresses up like other animals so he won't be eaten for Thanksgiving.  
I found the video in case you don't have the book. 
 They could also research Turkeys in PebbleGo Animals and....
Thanksgiving in PebbleGo Social Studies while building background knowledge.  

By using this book and database, while tying in a little reading and research, your students will be ready to go.  
First, I wanted to check out the different backgrounds and stickers in Buncee for this project.

I typed in Turkeys to Backgrounds and...
...Turkeys into Stickers too.  As you can see, I had a lot of super fun choices. 
I created a cute little turkey to share with all of you.  It was easy to disguise turkeys by adding details like text, stickers, animations and more. 
I created a second page in my Buncee for a writing activity.  After their turkey is disguised, they could write about it.  
They could even add a video to their Buncee pretending like they were interviewing their Turkey.  

This would tie in important communication and interview skills and practice.
 Also, don't forget to have your students add their turkeys to the Buncee #TurkeyChallenge Board

It is easy to do.  Just click on that + sign and add the URL to the Buncee.  As you can see, I added Turkey Tina to the Buncee Board.
You will find the Buncee I created above too.

I hope that you and your students create turkeys in Buncee for the #TurkeyChallenge.  As they create their turkeys, have them share them on the Buncee Board.  You will find the link here. 

With so many creative and meaningful opportunities throughout the holiday, remember Buncee for these needs like greeting cards, historical retells from the past, a holiday recipe book, a #TurkeyChallenge and so much more.  

I can't wait to see the turkey disguises your students create and add to the #TurkeyChallenge Buncee Board too!  

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