Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Crayoligraphy For Our Makerspaces!

I have a tiny addiction to markers.  

Markers of any kind.  

I love how they write differently; how the colors look on various types of papers and surfaces; and how beautiful they are blended together.  

And of course...I love how they looked organized in pretty and unlikely containers.  

I use markers to doodle, write and create.  I love using markers when I am creating hand lettering for projects, school projects with Hagan and personal letters and cards.  

After buying a new set of metallic markers today, I came across something new and really cool from our friends at Crayola.  
 It is called Crayoligraphy...a Beginner's Guide To Hand Lettering.  
Crayoligraphy is filled with so many incredible resources including the Crayoligraphy How To, which teachers us how to create beautiful lettering in 3 easy steps.

This Crayola Calligraphy Tutorial is just one that you find on YouTube.  I love watching these and they are very helpful to share with students.  
Another super helpful resource you will find on the site is the Beginner's Guide To Hand Lettering that Lisa Funk of Hand Lettered Design.  
Lisa is one of my favorite follows on Instagram!  

I get so many cool ideas and inspiration from her.  You can follow her here
Crayoligraphy gives tips on which markers to use and even gives us links to purchase the markers and calligraphy kit.
Lastly, Crayola asks all of us to share our creations using #Crayoligraphy on Instagram.
You will find almost 20,000 shares already using #Crayoligraphy!  

I also brought together lots of ideas and resources on this Calligraphy and Hand Lettering Pinterest BoardUse this for yourself and share with others.

Hand lettering would be the perfect activity and art to bring to your Makerspace.

It is an activity that doesn't require a lot of materials and are reasonably priced.  These activities can be set up anywhere in the library, classroom and throughout the school.  Materials could be sent home so children can learn, practice and create projects on their own.

The sky is the limit.
With the holiday coming up, set up a station, start a project, find a way to use hand lettering to inspire creativity, connect students to their passions and open the door to new talents and ideas. 

I promise....a container filled with color like the ones we have at home will definitely bring lots of smiles and love to your library, classrooms and homes too.  

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