Saturday, November 25, 2017

Digital Generator Tools To Spice Up Projects!

I love digital generator tools. 

There are embossed label generators, Fakebook generators, sign generators, Jeopardy generators, trip generators, bill board generators, poster generators, card catalog generators,  and even a Stranger Things and Minecraft text generator. 

These are all fun for our students to create with by themselves and perfect to smash into another app or digital tool to create something extra creative and special. 
Last week, amazing teacher librarian Sheri Massey sent me For Fun and Creativity, Try a Digital Sign Generator by Peggy Reimers from the TCEA TechNotes Blog. She shared that were several new ones in this awesome post that I should add to the Symbaloo.  
So I just updated the Digital Generator Tools Symbaloo and want to share it again with all of you. 

Thank you Sheri and Peggy for the ideas and inspiration.  What fun tools we have to share with our students, teachers and others to spice up project and so much more. 

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