Friday, November 17, 2017

Kids Can Change Their Buncee Avatar Now!

I was so excited to see this post a few days ago on the Buncee Blog...

New Creative Profile Avatars!  

This will be fun for students to add a personal touch to their Buncee profile.  It will also be easier for teachers to find their students in the Dashboard.  

I couldn't wait to learn how to change my profile picture in one of the adorable and fun avatars Buncee has created.  

Let me show you how! 
1. Log into your account and click on the little icon for yourself in the right hand corner.

2. Next, click on View Profile and Badges. 
 3.  It will bring up your Profile page.  You will click on the little pencil in the right hand corner of your picture.
4. You can select any of these avatars for your profile picture just like I picked...

this little pink one.  

5. You can also upload a photo for your avatar.  All you have to do is click Upload...
...and find the photo you want to use.
You can crop the image too. 
Now when you go to my Buncee, you will see my avatar.  

What will your Buncee avatar be? 

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