Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Learn How To Upload A Custom Image Into Your Collections By Destiny

I have been working on several new Collections by Destiny focused on the holidays and New Year. 
You can find these six new Holiday and New Year Collections in last weeks Shannon's Friday Finds here.

With all of this work over the last couple of weeks on these Collections, I was super excited to hear the news last week that we now upload a custom image for the resources we add to our collections! 
For example, when I was adding resources to the Christmas Collection there were several that didn't include an image, just the broken camera image as in the Collection above.  
Now I can go to those, click on Edit at the top of that resource,
and click on 2. Image which is found.... the top of the window.
To change the image, all we have to do is click on Upload and....
upload the image we want.  We can even resize it to fit perfectly before we save it to the Collection.
Now, when I go to the Christmas Story and Song from Cantata Learning in the Christmas Collection, I will find the beautifully illustrated cover of Cantata Learning's Christmas as....
part of the Collection in a even better, more engaging way for our teachers, students and others using these amazing resources too. 
You will find more answers on help at Follett's Collection Help Center here.

And just to let you know....I hear we will be able to change the image of each Collection soon too. 

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