Friday, April 29, 2016

You Don't Want To Miss This Webinar... "Literacy Through The Arts" With Emily Valenza & Julie Knutson

I just registered for a webinar in the Follett Community that I am very excited about!

It is called Literacy Through The Arts: Standards-Aligned Curriculum for History and Social Studies. 
I believe that bringing art into all subjects can definitely engage our learners in creative, expressive and enhanced learning experiences.  I have a degree in art education and a passion for bringing these experiences, resources and techniques to all students.

This has always been such an important part of my teaching philosophy and was found woven throughout our school library and program too.

When I saw the webinar description....
I just knew this was one I didn't want to miss.

And then I saw you was presenting....Emily Valenza and Julie Knutson!
Emily is the daughter of my dear friend, Joyce.  I have enjoyed following her journey as a teacher and am just thrilled she is sharing her story and talents with all of us.
 With Emily, along with the very talented Julie, this is one webinar you don't want to miss either.
The webinar is on May 10, 2016 at 4:00pm CST.

You can register here.  And read all about the webinar at the Follett Community.

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