Monday, April 25, 2016

Sing and Read "People Who Help At School" To Get Ready For Teacher Appreciation and School Lunch Hero Day That We Celebrate Next Week!

One of my favorite books from Cantata Learning is being celebrated this week as the Cantata Learning Song of the Week

It is called People Who Help At School and is part of the People Who Help series.  
It happens to be very timely with School Lunch Hero Day coming up on May 6, 2016 and...
Teacher Appreciation Week on May 2-6, 2016. 
Within People Who Help At School, our little readers take a journey through a school day to visit all kinds of people in school that help them out including the principal,
 teacher librarian,
 and others who make them feel loved, safe and happy at school and throughout the day.
Like every Cantata Learning book, these stories are paired with fun and engaging songs which are included in the back of the book on a CD and free to stream or download online.

You can also find the music online here to stream or download.
The sheet music is available in the back of every book....
 along with the Song Lyrics. 
I really love the Guided Reading Activities especially when they engage our children in activities that ask them to be creative and use the knowledge they have to create their own products.
In this book, one of the activities asks them to Finish this sentence:  When I grow up I want to be a...Now draw a picture of what you want to be. 

Just think how fun this will be to see what they come up with and create!
The Song of the Week is part of a four book series called People Who Help from Cantata Learning.  

They can read about people who help in the neighborhood, people who keep them healthy, and people who help animals.  They will enjoy everyone of these wonderful books and songs.  
You can learn more about the People Who Help series from Cantata on the Capstone website here

I wrote about School Lunch Hero Day in the post Celebrate School Lunch Hero Day on May 6th With Jarrett J. Krosoczka and Other Lunch Rooms Around the World.  

You will find lots of ideas and resources there.  
Brianna and I also created a Teacher Appreciation Pinterest Board filled with amazing ideas, projects and resources.

So pull out the Cantata Learning Song of the Week and learn the song People Who Help At School so you are all ready to celebrate teacher librarians, principals, teachers, lunch ladies, and all of those who help at school this week, next and all throughout the year.

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