Monday, April 4, 2016

Snapchat! Let's Figure It Out Together.... Add Your Snapchat & Ideas To The Padlets.

Have you been following all of the buzz out there about using Snapchat in the library, within education and with our students?

It is one of the most popular new things that is popping up here and there.  With the big question....

How is everyone using Snapchat in the library, within education and with our students? 
Last week, I wrote a post titled A Little Snapchat For Poetry Month....and All Year Long From The Library Voice!  I learned so much researching Snapchat and writing this post.

I also learned a lot by actually using it more and creating an awesome poetry project using Snapchat around Poetry Month.
This is filling up with awesome Snapchat resources.  
A new link that I added was that from Wes Fryer.  He posted the 15 Minutes Snapchat 101 Tutorial last week and it is really a great resource for all of us.  

His 18-year old son helped him understand Snapchat...a lot like my 10-year old Grayce helped me. 

I have been thinking it would be a great to have a place where librarians and educators can share their Snapchat and start connecting.  
Today, my friend Jan Holmquist reached out on Twitter about Snapchat.
He felt the same way I did about figuring out and using Snapchat, so I decided it was time to create a place to connect.
And we know others are where we are at too. 
So, let's all get connected on Snapchat!

Snapchat Librarians can connect here on this Padlet and...
Snapchat Educators here.

Please feel free to join both...I did.

I am really excited to see how librarians and teachers are using it within the library, classroom, with parents, colleagues, professionally, and especially with students.

Like so many things....we are going to figure this out together.   

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