Tuesday, April 12, 2016

iPad Apps To Support Literacy Strands.... Pinterest, Collaboration & A SimpleK12 Webinar To Watch!

Today I presented iPad Apps To Support Literacy Strands with my friends at SimpleK12.  
You can go to the SimpleK12 website and watch it here if you missed it today. 

There were a couple things I wanted to share with all of you from the webinar.  
 The first is a Pinterest board we put together filled with iPad Apps To Support Literacy Standards.  
We will continue to add to this board as we find more and more literacy apps. 
Also, I have put together a list of apps in this Google Doc.  You will get lots of ideas and please share apps that you are using too.  This is a wonderful place to collaborate.

Everyday there are new apps that we can tie into reading, writing, storytelling, poetry and so much more.  I hope the webinar and these resources will help with all of these choices.

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