Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Over 40 Nursery Rhyme Songs & Ideas For School & Home...and Perfect for the Harmony Project!

All children love nursery rhymes.

These fun and engaging poems and songs are filled with rhyming words, repetition, and stories that bring learning, singing, and lots of happiness to our young learners.

They have always been some of my favorites to share with my own children and students, just as my mom and teachers shared with me.
As we pick nursery rhymes to be part of our special Rhythms and Rhymes Global Harmony Project in the library and classroom, there are lots of nursery rhymes that we have for you from Cantata Learning.

The Cantata Learning Nursery Rhyme Symbaloo above has all of the wonderful nursery rhymes songs and you can find information about each book here.

There are also several other places to get to the nursery rhymes songs.
 You can scan the QR code in the book and on the back of the book which takes you to the music.
 You will find the Song Lyrics and...
 Sheet Music in the back of each book.
On the Cantata Learning website, you will find terrific information about each title.  The songs are available to play or download.
And remember, in the back cover of each book you will find a CD.  These are perfect for playing in the library, classroom, home and even in the car.
My daughter Brianna and I have pulled together wonderful activities to go along with each of the nursery rhymes from Cantata Learning.

You can find the Nursery Rhyme Pinterest board here.
And just look at all of these project ideas paired with every single nursery rhyme book and song from Cantata!
If you haven't already, please Join The Project by clicking on the link above.

We can't wait to see which nursery rhyme you and your students focus on for the Rhythm and Rhyme Global Project.

We know that these resources will be super helpful to you as you bring singing, dancing, reading, and creating into your spaces too!

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