Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Storytime At Home Is So Much Fun With Music!

Yesterday at the Iowa Association of School Librarian Conference in Iowa, I had so much fun giving Cantata Learning books to my teacher librarian friends.  
I shared some of my favorites with Lynn and Kelly.  I shared a few highlights of the books with them including: 
They are amazing stories with beautiful illustrations.  

Every book is paired with a song.  

The Cantata Learning books are also available as eBooks from Capstone Interactive. 

There is a CD of the song in the back of each book.  

Each song is also available online at the Cantata Learning website. 

There are Guided Reading Activities, a Glossary, and Additional Resources in the back of each book. 
And one that really got Kelly and I talking....The sheet music and lyrics are included in the back of each book too.

Her daughter Rowan is learning how to play the recorder and read music, so this would be perfect for her.  Also, with Kelly's younger daughter Maier being preschool age, the girls could do this together while teaching Maier using the Cantata Learning songs and books.
When she got home Kelly sent me a video of Rowan and Maier playing I Love The Mountains together.  It was so much fun hearing them play the song.  It was also very special to see the two sisters learning together at home.  

Cantata Learning books and songs are the perfect way to bring learning, sharing, singing, and reading to all family members.  They can make storytime such a special time each day.  

Check out the post Reading Starts at Home too.  There are more ideas on how to bring singing, reading, moving, and fun home.  
I Love The Mountains is from the Spring 2016 season and one of my new favorites.  It can be found on the Cantata Learning website, along with the music at the bottom. 

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