Friday, April 15, 2016

Celebrate Earth Day With Ashlyn Anstee's "No, No, Gnome!" and Imagine What He Can Bring To Your School Gardens Too!

I am a tiny bit excited about this new addition to our home library.  

No, No, Gnome! just makes me smile every time I see it and it is perfect for a very special celebration we have coming up. 

Earth Day!  
Last week on my blog, I shared lots of books, projects, songs and fun that can be used when celebrating Earth Day on April 22.  

I love the songs and stories from Cantata Learning that are perfect for our Earth Day celebrations.  

How fun will it be to teach your students about ecology with It's Ecology and the rain forest with Where Birds and Monkey Play, Rain Forest Animals by singing and reading along?  

You can find all of the songs and books here on their site

And back to No, No, Gnome!  
This beautiful, sweet story is written and illustrated by Ashlyn Anstee.  
She also brought us Are We There Yet, Yeti? which is one of Hagan and I's favorites!  You just have to listen to Emily Arrow and Ashlyn sing this song.  It is adorable and so much fun.  
It's almost harvest day at Greenthumb Elementary.  Everyone is excited.  Especially Gnome! 

And the teacher Mr. Waters is assigning everyone a task as they plant, grow and harvest their beautiful garden throughout the book.
This book will bring so many wonderful conversations and project opportunities to your students in the library and classroom during Earth Day and throughout the year.

It is a perfect tie in when developing your own school garden.  The illustrations show lots of different plants that can be grown and how to care for them.  It even shows what a harvest would look like.

I think it would be fun to also tie in the Gnome working in the garden at school into a creative writing project.  You can have your students pretend a gnome or other fictional character is part of your class and helps out too.  What would they want to grow?  Would they be able to do something magical? The sky is the limit on what this could look like.

Have a terrific Earth Day on April 22.  And remember this is one day we want to celebrate all throughout the year.
You can visit Ashlyn Anstee's Tumblr to read more about her and the amazing work she creates.

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