Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Spread The Word About The TYSL Movement With Mackin Through Special Widgets and New Social Networks

We have something wonderful happening with the TYSL Movement sponsored by our friends at Mackin Educational Resources and supported by teacher librarians, educators, leaders and people all over the world.
It is exciting to see the momentum and excitement grow around TYSL as more join everyday.

Please take a look at our new TYSL video while explains the movement and the importance of transforming your school library.  You can watch it here
As we transform school libraries around the world we want all of you to join the TYSL movement too!   You can do this by visiting this link.
To support TYSL and invite everyone to join, please add these widgets to your blog or website.

You can link it to the TYSL website found here
These could also be used as stickers, on posters, stickers, and anywhere you want to spread the word about TYSL. 
This is how I added it to my blog, The Library Voice. 

There are also three new TYSL social networks to follow.  This will keep us connected to the wonderful resources, images, ideas, articles, videos and more that is being shared more and more everyday by so many online.  
 You can follow MackinTYSL on Twitter at @MackinTYSL.
When sharing tweets with @MackinTYSL, please include the #MackinTYSL hashtag too....Just like in the picture I shared of my teacher librarian friends in New Jersey this week.
 We are on Instagram at @MackinTYSL.
And on Pinterest you can find Mackin TYSL with our wonderful walls growing each day. 

As we kick off this amazing movement that will transform school libraries and education, we want to give you the resources and information that you need to share, advocate and get involved with TYSL.  

I know that these tools will help as you transform too!  

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