Sunday, February 21, 2016

Kids Create Their Own Video Games With Bloxers...One Block At A Time

This week I had visited the wonderful elementary teachers librarians, teachers and administrators at Ramsey School District in New Jersey.
I shared stories of student voice to kick off the morning and then worked with several teacher librarians and teachers in the library focusing on using digital tools to inspire student voice.

After lunch a new friend, Robert Kalman came to the library to show me something that he was very excited about sharing and using with his students in their middle school.
It is called Bloxels...and I have never seen anything like it!
On the Bloxels website it states, The most kid-friendly video game creation platform, ever.  
With tiny, colorful blocks our kids can create and play video games.  
They will take the knowledge and love of classic video games to learn the basics and create something new with Bloxels. 
I couldn't wait for Robert to show me with the set he brought to the library.  He told me he was going to build a person....
with the colorful little blocks.
He scanned his creation with the Bloxels Builder app.
The little character popped up on his screen and he was ready to....
play with him in an actual video game.  How cool is that!  I couldn't believe it was that easy and fun.

I couldn't wait to show Hagan and lots of my other little friends.
Another thing that Robert showed me was the Infinity Wall in the Bloxels Builder app which shows game creations from others.
It is easy to create an account and share your game to the Infinity Wall for anyone to play.
The different creations were amazing!  Everyone was very unique and fun.  
I am waiting for my Bloxer kit to come in the mail but in the mean time I am trying to learn everything I can about Bloxer and the amazing potential it has with our learners.  

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