Sunday, February 21, 2016

The New "Happy Birthday" Cantata Learning Book Is Free Online....And Now Available In Print From Capstone!

Last week we all celebrated something very special with our friends at Cantata Learning....The release of their brand new book Happy Birthday....Feliz Cumpleanos.  
This book is also the perfect fit as we celebrate Capstone's 25 Anniversary and kick off our second global project, Celebrations Around The World!  

To make the celebration even more special, Cantata and Capstone have made Happy Birthday...Feliz Compleanos free online for all of us to read, sing, and celebrate with our young people within our libraries, schools and around the world.  
To access this book, you will go to Capstone Interactive at

The username is happy and password is birthday
 The only book you will see is Happy Birthday....Feliz Cumpleanos. 
 You will click on the cover and this window will pop up on the screen.
 Click on Play Book....
 and this screen will come up which directs readers to click on the Start Book under the cover.
Once in Capstone's reader, Happy Birthday, Feliz Compleasnos can be played.  This is a wonderful book with the traditional song in English, Spanish and American Sign Language throughout.
I know your students will love this special book just as much as Staci Braun and Tracy Ferguson's 2nd graders loved it in Van Meter, Iowa when we gave them a sneak month at the beginning of the year.  

This eBook will be available. 
You can also listen to the book and music at the link above from the Cantata Learning website....
and purchase the print book from Capstone here.
So the next time you have a child or teacher celebrating their birthday, use Cantata's Happy Birthday...Feliz Cumpleanos to bring a new tradition to a celebration that everyone loves.

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