Friday, February 26, 2016

Excited and Honored To Be One Of The Celebrity Judges For Mrs. P's Be-A-Famous-Writer Contest This Year

One of my favorite reading, writing and library advocates is my amazing friend Mrs. P (brought to us by actress Kathy Kinney).
She does so much to support our young people and encourage them to read, write and be creative through her Mrs. P website and app, wonderful Skype's with libraries and classrooms around the world, and her annual "Be-A-Famous-Writer' Contest".

I have loved following all of the young writers that are selected each year in this contest.  I even had students of my own submit stories through the years.

And this year I was thrilled with Mrs. P asked me to be one of the celebrity judges.   What fun is this going to be!
Author Chris Grabenstein, Mrs. P and myself are the judges of the 8th Annual Be-A-Famous-Writer Contest.  I can't wait to read the wonderful stories that are submitted by young people this fall.

You can read all about the contest here and please start sharing it with your students, teachers and families.

Thank you Mrs. P and Dana.....I am honored and excited to be one of the judges and read the amazing stories our children submit. 

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