Monday, February 29, 2016

A Place For Our Makers.... Whole Kids Foundation Kids Club and ScrapKins!

Today I stumbled onto a really cool website for kids from Whole Foods. 
It is called Kids Club from the Whole Kids Foundation.  You can go to Kids Club here.

Each month we can find activities which focus on Reading, Eating, Coloring, Gaming, Making, and more.  These are wonderful activities that have downloadable resources to support these different areas.

We can go back and look at past monthly downloads as well.
The area that first caught my eye was the Make activities.  When I clicked on Make over on the left hand side I was super excited to see that it took me onto another page for ScrapKins!  How fun is this!
On the site it states, Whole Kids Foundation is proud to partner with ScrapKins to bring you these great conversation starters. 

ScrapKins was created by Brian Yanish, an educator and former member of Jim Henson's creative team.  He drew these when he was young and his mom saved them.  Today they make up the ScapKins.

These are the ScapKins that you can find.....

The patterns can be downloaded to print or save. 

They are amazing with so many fun details and illustrations to walk you through creating something unique and special.
Also, make sure you check out the ScrapKins website here.....You will find Project Videos, Characters, Books, and even more creative fun from Brian here.
I especially LOVED finding ScrapKins on Sesame Street!  You can see these videos and more here.

It is really exciting finding one more AWESOME place for our young makers....I know you will find lots of creative inspiration here too.

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