Wednesday, February 17, 2016

New & Improved MackinVIA Engages & Excites Readers Even More With A Home Page & New Badges

When you look at your MackinVIA this week you will notice something a little different.....and something super exciting too!  
 With the new and improved MackinVIA there is now.....
a MackinVIA Homepage!
On the MackinVIA Homepage, you will now find three content sliders that include Newest, Highest Rated and Top Resources within your MackinVIA.

This will be engaging and helpful for students and teachers as they choose, read and favorite eBooks, databases and other digital resources.
They also updated the icons of the five resource types within MackinVIA, which will be very helpful with searching and finding content.

When they see the little badges in the corner of the Home Page covers it will match the badges or icons displayed over the five different resource types on the left hand side of MackinVIA.
To have the Home screen pop up when someone logs into MackinVIA, you must go into your MackinVIA Administrator Settings. You have the choice to set Home as your Start Page.  Also, make sure your Home Page is set as Active.  
MackinVIA is the best place for organizing all of the digital resources within your libraries and schools.  With this feature, it brings our students one step closer to these resources and the amazing learning, reading and creating that comes with these connections.

To learn more about MackinVIA and sign up for your own, please go here.

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