Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Storyboard That Adds A 16 x 9 Layout....Room For More Characters, Activities & Dialogue!

Today our friends at Storyboard That shared some very exciting news!  They are always adding something awesome to their wonderful digital storytelling tool so I couldn't wait to check this addition out. 
They have introduced a 16 x 9 layout to Storyboard That.

That means our students can create even BIGGER storyboards with more room for characters, activities and dialogue.  
Just look at how much more can fit into the new 16 x 9 layout compared to the traditional layout.  
Within Storyboard That, there are several storyboard and cell layouts that we can choose from. 

You will find the 16 x 9 layout on the bottom right hand side.  
To use it, just click on it and it will bring up that layout.  From here you can create your new storyboard which is such great fun to do.

You can sign up for Storyboard That here and try it out today too.

Thank you Storyboard That for always thinking outside of the box and bringing so many great choices to our students.  

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