Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Space Resources That Are Out Of This World.... NASA, Capstone's PebbleGO & Awesome Books!

Today I was enjoying the warm weather and reading my School Library Journal from January 2016 outside on our porch.

I also love to see all of the beautiful new books and resources for libraries they recommend in each journal.  I also enjoy finding wonderful new digital and online resources that SLJ highlights within articles and reviews.
Under Digital Picks I was excited to see the NASA website, which has...
an incredible page for Students, Educators and NASA Education.  You just have to check it out here.

Then right after the NASA website was The Space Place, also from NASA.

The review in SLJ states...

Offered in English and Spanish, this nicely put together website offers children, parents and educators solid information about space missions and related science and technology. User-friendly, with options for games, crafts, activities, and media, young space explores can read, play, and discover. 

I couldn't wait to check this one out!
From the minute I went to The Space Place I loved it and wanted to explore even more.
At the top there are tabs supporting several different topics including....
 where I read an interesting eBook about space,
where I read how to Make Sun Paper,
where I played Ozone Trap-n-Zap, 
 Solar System...
 where I watched a video telling me how the solar system was formed,
 and People & Technology...
where I learned how to build my own spacecraft.  

And these are just five of the dozens and dozens of places to Explore, Do and Play within The Space Place. 
I also stopped into the Parents & Educators tab where there were....
lots of important places to support our learners including, 
 Galleries, Books, Activities, Downloads, 
and Classroom Resources such as...
The Space Place Educator Newsletter, 2015-16 Space Calendar, Next Generation Science Standards and Science Fair Project Ideas.
One place I loved where the PDF's of Space Make-and-Do Activities that are available.  These would be easy to laminate and have available to our learners in the library and classroom...or even to send home.  
 I found one of their recipes from these resources on the NASA Space Place Facebook page.
The Glossary is one more place that will be very helpful and important as the website is navigated and as this is used within school and home.
The Space Place can be easily translated into Spanish in the right hand corner too.
This review on The Space Place tied in nicely with Nonfiction Notes....Spotlight on Space that I read earlier in the month on the School Library Journal website.
One more essential space place I want to highlight is Space Sciences within Capstone's PebbleGO.
PebbleGO is my favorite place to go for Earth and Space Sciences because of the variety of articles, videos, games and images they have included for our students as they learn about space and other science topics.

As you can see, there is a wealth of resources available as our children learn about space.

I love that NASA, Capstone, School Library Journal and other publishers and places help put these into their hands and into our libraries, classrooms and homes.

They are out of this world!

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