Thursday, May 21, 2015

Don't Miss TL News Night From May....."Vendors Are Our Friends"

On Monday, our TL News Night team welcomed some very special guests onto the show.  

The show, Vendors Are Our Friendsfeatured Michelle Luhtala as our special host and four others including Eric Fitzgerald from Capstone, Randal Heise from Mackin Educational Resources, Michael James from EBSCO Information Services, and Dave Schroeter from Gale, part of Cengage Learning. 

I encourage you to watch the show to hear the wonderful, thought provoking conversation between all of us.  Michelle asked several very important questions and we all enjoyed hearing what our guests had to share.  

It was the perfect way to end our second season of TL News Night.  

We are already planning for the 2014-15 season, with a special Student Voice show in September. Stay tune for more details being added soon.

And once again, thank you Michelle, Eric, Randal, Michael and truly are our friends and we appreciate everything you do for all of us, our students, and school communities.  

Saturday, May 16, 2015

A Very Special Skype (and lots of singing) With Illustrator Tim Palin & My 2nd Grade Friends At Van Meter

On Friday, my little 2nd grade friends in Tracy Ferguson's class at Van Meter met me on Skype for something very special.

We were going to meet one of our favorite new illustrators Tim Palin who illustrated....
Itsy Bitsy Spider...
and The Bear Went Over The Mountain from Cantata Learning.
Tim showed all of us how he created illustrations by drawing first on paper....
 transferring the drawing to his Microsoft Surface...
 and then coloring them in.  We all thought this looked like such a FUN job.
 We loved seeing his most recent project too.

After all of the amazing questions asked by the 2nd graders, Tim shared Itsy Bitsy Spider.  
Tracy pulled up the music from the Cantata Learning website.  You can listen to the music here too.

All of the books from Cantata Learning are made up of beautiful stories and songs, which are available on the website.  This makes it so easy for teachers, students, and families to enjoy all of the Cantata titles anywhere.

Thank you Tim for visiting Tracy's 2nd graders.....We loved your visit and as you know, we love your books.  

We can't wait to see the next!  

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

We Are All Showing Lots Of Excitement For The 2nd Season Of Cantata Learning!

Last week the 2nd graders at Van Meter couldn't wait to show me the new books they got that morning.  I was so excited to see them with the new Cantata Learning books in their hands.
The next season of Cantata Learning, Fall 2015, are now available through Capstone....
and popping up everywhere....
including our house!  And I having the best time getting to know all of these beautiful, fun new books.  

You will love all of the new Cantata Learning books too....Take a look. 
They are all just as fun as they look.  Young learners will love singing, reading, learning, and dancing to these wonderful new books. 
You can go to the website to Learn More about each title and to order any of the two seasons through Capstone by going to this link
One of my new favorites is Itsy Bitsy Spider illustrated by my friend Tim Palin.
To celebrate his new book and all of the books from Cantata Learning, Tracy Ferguson and her 2nd graders are going to Skype with Tim on Friday.  We are very excited to hear Tim read the book along with the music, show us how he creates these amazing illustrations, and answer questions from the kids.

It is going to be so much fun.
I know you will want to put these into the hands of your little ones too.