Sunday, November 17, 2019

A Very Special Veterans Day Skype In The Classroom Event!

Last week, as we recognized veterans for Veterans Day, our 5th graders had a very special Skype in the Classroom experience too. 
We Skyped with David Estes...
...from the Livingston County War Museum in Pontiac, Illinois. 
David, who is a Vietnam Veteran, was so wonderful as he shared....
 ...and even the unique animals they saw while in Vietnam with Mrs. Prouty's 5th graders.
 After answering lots of questions from our students, David took us....
 ...on a tour of their amazing museum.
We loved learning about everything the museum contained including over....
...200 uniforms on mannequins.  They enjoyed learning about the different uniforms and... they changed over the years for men and women.
The medals, awards and badges that David showed us... 
...were just part of them on display at the museum.  You can learn more about all of the different ones on their website here
We are very thankful for our Skype with David.
It was the perfect way to spend time thinking about the veterans who have served our country.

We hope we connect with you and the others from Livingston County War Museum again.
You will find David Estes and the Livingston County War Museum Skype in the Classroom information and registration links here

PebbleGo Visual Search Posters For Our Youngest Learners!

Last week, one of our kindergarten teachers asked me the easiest way to get her kinders to the PebbleGo article about...
...Wild Turkeys. 

With the recent discovery of finding the direct link to our PebbleGo at Van Meter, I wanted to give it a try to make it as easy as possible for our youngest learners. 

Here is what I did!  
I went to and logged in as the administrator.  To do this, you just type admin behind your username and password. 
This took me into the PebbleGo Administrator page.  I clicked on Access. 
 From the Access page, I copied the Auto Login and went to....
...QR Code Monkey to create a QR code with that URL.  This QR code creator even lets you upload an image into the code.  

This serves as a great visual clue for students and makes it easy for you to know what that QR code is for.  I love using this! 
When I created the QR code that took our students straight to Van Meter's PebbleGo, I took it and made a little visual poster to guide our kindergarteners through the visual search of finding Wild Turkeys.

I started with Animals, went to Birds, then to Other Birds and finally Wild Turkeys. 

The kindergarten teacher, Melanie, used it with her students on Friday and she wrote me that it worked GREAT!  I was so excited to hear that and wanted to make something special for creating these PebbleGo Visual Search Posters so I went to my favorite digital creation tool Buncee.
In Buncee, I created this poster for researching Wild Turkeys in PebbleGo.  It will be easy to change the words and images out for any topic.
And with each one, I can leave the PebbleGo QR code the same for our login at Van Meter.

I made this Buncee one that you can make a copy and add the visual search you want to have your students follow too.  You will find it here, friends.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

You Can Watch The "Dishing Up Some Digital Citizenship" FRL Webinar Here!

On November 12, 2019 Future Ready Schools® held a Webinar on Digital citizenship which is so much more than internet safety. This webinar covered how librarians and students are “turning the page” on the old digital citizenship conversation. The NEW digital citizenship requires us to be informed, active members of digital communities who can thoughtfully reflect on our relationship with technology (and with one another!) in an increasingly connected world.

In this webinar, Shannon McClintock Miller, and her special guests, Kristen Mattson, School Library Media Director, Indian Prairie School District 204 (IN)@DrKMattson and Liv Van Ledtje, student, @thelivbits, had an informative, exciting and fun conversation around digital citizenship.
They covered:
  1. What skills do digital citizens need to be successful?
  2. How can librarians be champions of this work?
  3. What digital citizenship successes can you celebrate?
  4. What does an empowered digital citizen look like?
You will find the webinar presentation here.