Sunday, September 23, 2018

Let's Collaborate! Adding More Opportunities For Collaboration With Your Librarians!

Since before school even started this year, Jessica and I have been collaborating with the teachers at Van Meter.  We are a K-12 school district in one building, so we see all of teachers and students every day.  This gives us lots of opportunities for collaboration.
In fact, before school started we had a special meeting and visited lots of classrooms to share what we, as their teacher librarians at Van Meter, can do for them. You can read all about this here.

Now, as we go into our fifth week of school, Jessica and I wanted to give our teachers even more opportunities and ways to tell us they need our help and would like to collaborate.

On Monday, we will be sharing this new Google Doc called Let's Collaborate. 
As we shared, we love finding time to come and collaborate.  We can help with planning, resources, technology, co-teaching and more!  

We will be sharing times for before and after school, and can also join you during the day for your planning times and grade level or content meetings. 

Please add your request to the Google Document, email us or drop into the library.  

We can't wait to collaboration with all of you this! 
We also added this to our library Google Site,  This makes it easy for our teachers to visit here too.

This is just one more way to encourage collaboration and make our library program, school and community the best it can be! 

How are you collaborating with your teachers this year?  We would love to know your ideas too. 

Our 3rd Graders New Class Blog....Voices From The Van Meter Corner!

We have been working on a very exciting project with Mrs. Volk's 3rd graders at Van Meter.  
This classroom of amazing kids "in the corner" of the 3rd grade hallway, has started an awesome class blog....
Voices From The Van Meter Corner....I Heard It From Mrs. Volk's 3rd Graders! 
Ann Volk came to us with the idea of starting a class blog as a place for her students to share news, events, stories and other things they wanted to share with each other, their families and our community.

Her classroom has had a newspaper for several years and it has been really fun for her students.  But as all of our students have laptops and access to iPads, Ann thought it would be even better using technology and starting a blog this year.

We couldn't wait to help!
As we brainstormed and planned with Ann, we also called on the high school journalism students to get involved too.  They will serve as the mentors and editors, helping the 3rd graders with their posts and writing ideas.
After they met their high school mentors,
the 3rd graders and the three of us helped the students brainstorm ideas for their posts.
They jotted down ideas to write individually and as a group.
And one of the BEST ideas....The title for their blog that we brainstormed together!

To keep everything in one place, we started a Google Folder, 3rd Grade Blogging, Volk, and had everyone join it.
Next, we had a small group volunteer to help get the blog started.
Raina and Jacob created the blog header by....
...talking about the header, sketching it out,
and using colored pencils and markers to color it in,
We love what they created.....their class did too!  We will have other small groups created headers as we change them throughout the year. 
Brayden and Brek worked together on the first news article about the 2018 Van Meter Homecoming.
They will publish their story this upcoming week on the blog.
As the other two groups worked,  Ben wrote the very first post to introduce their blog.
I helped him insert the images and proofread it so it was ready to be published.
When we visited their classroom last Friday to show them their blog, all of the students were so happy and excited.  
You can check out their blog here too.  They will be watching who visits their blog from around the world with RevolverMaps on the side of their blog. 

This is going to be a project for all of them to contribute to, share and have a voice in all year long.  

We can't wait to see what you come up with next, 3rd grade friends! 

Friday, September 21, 2018

Something New.....Pop-In Storytime With Your Librarians!

Today, we kicked off a special new tradition from our library at Van Meter School!  

As I headed down the hallway to a 5th and 2nd grade classroom with Otis and the Scarecrow in my hand, we couldn't be more excited for....
...Pop-In Storytime!  

My teacher librarian partner, Jessica, and I have thought of a special way to spend more time sharing books with all of our K-12 students and teachers at Van Meter this year!

Since there will be times in between when we have them in the library, we decided to create POP-IN STORYTIME where we will visit the classrooms to share special stories throughout the year.  

This will give us extra time to share wonderful reading experiences with the students and teachers, and also valuable time in their classrooms too.
We had two classrooms that kicked it off....Megan Algreen's 5th graders and...
 ...Tracy Ferguson's 2nd graders.
I loved it just as much of the kids and it was so much fun sharing one of my favorite fall books.
We sent out the Pop-In Storytime Google Doc with all of the teachers as they signed up for a special time too.  

We can't wait to see what POP-IN STORYTIME brings our students, teachers, library and community this year.  Stay tune for lots of updates!