Thursday, August 28, 2014

Exciting New Writing Contest Asking Kids To Write The Next Kat McGee Adventure!

I have an exciting new writing contest to announce!  

In This Together Media, Edmodo, and School Library Journal have teamed up and are asking kids to write the next Kat McGee adventure.  
The first thing they need to do is check out the Kat McGee series by the wonderful author Kristin Riddick.    
Published by In This Together Media, the Kat McGee series takes her on adventures through history and special holidays. These include Kat McGee Saves America, Kat McGee and the Halloween Costume Caper, Kat McGee and the Thanksgiving Turkey Train, all by Kristin. 

I love what others have shared about the Kat series...

"Kat McGee is a bold, strong heroine and an inspiration to girls and boys everywhere. In this latest adventure, kids not only learn about the history of what America has been but what the future can be with more Kat McGees in our midst." 
-- Sally Kohn, political columnist and television personality 

"Kat (and author, Kristin Riddick) definitely know their way around a kid's imagination. It was love at first page between Kat and my 9-year-old son, which proved that Ms. McGee can not only hang with the boys but also with any great children's literary character on the market today." 
-- Nate Torrence, TV and Cartoon Personality 

As you can see, kids are going to LOVE reading the Kat McGee books and will be even more excited to be included in writing the next one with Kristin. 
To learn more about the contest, please read our post on the Edmodo blog, Calling All Students:  Create the Next Kat McGee Adventure!  

You can go to the page we have set up for the contest on the In This Together Media website too. 

This will give you and your students a little taste of what the contest is going to include....and will encourage all kinds of dreaming to what Kat's next holiday adventure has in store for her!  

When 10 or more books are purchased, In This Together Media will give you a wholesale discount and a free Skype with the author.  Please contact Saira Rao at with inquires. 

Also, follow our hashtag #kidscreatekatmcgee for news and tips throughout the contest.   

So start reading and stay tuned for more information in the next two weeks on how your students can help write Kat's next adventure!  

And have so much fun reading and writing too!  

Friday, July 25, 2014

Let's Celebrate "Dot Day" Together and Make Our Mark On The World!

As we get ready for school to start again, we also start planning for special library and school events that happen throughout the year. 

One of the best days of the entire year happens on September 15th.  It is called International Dot Day! This is a day that we can all make our mark on the world through friendship, love, art, technology, play, reading, and fun! 
We have been celebrating Dot Day with students, teachers, and our community for four years now.   Instead of containing Dot Day to one day, we celebrate all week long....throughout the library, school, and community.   
How exciting that there are only 52 days left!  You can find this globe and information on the Dot Day website. 
You can join others around the world on the Google Document that we have started for another amazing year of Dot Day collaboration. 

Once you are at the International Dot Day Connections 2014 Google Document, please add your, school, location, Twitter, Skype, and anything else you want to share.  

Now start connecting!  By adding your schedule, ideas, and plans for Dot Day, you will start to build a wonderful day or week that your students won't forget. 
And just as my dear friend Peter says....

Make Your Mark....And See Where It Takes You. 

Let's make this the BEST Dot Day ever!  

Thursday, July 24, 2014

You Will Not Want To Miss "The Digital Shift...Libraries @ The Center" On October 1st....Sign Up Today!

This week, Library Journal, School Library Journal, and several amazing sponsors announced the 5th year for The Digital Shift!

With a theme of Libraries @ The Center, The Digital Shift will be a virtual all day event on October 1, 2014 focusing on our shared digital future.
This year I have the honor of presenting.  My presentation Bringing A New "Voice" To Our Library and School With 3D Printing will be at 1:00-1:15pm EST

You can register for The Digital Shift here and also follow along on Twitter by using #TDS14  and @ShiftTheDigital.

It is going to be a wonderful day.....One you definitely won't want to miss!