Friday, December 14, 2018

Ed Emberley Draws and Creates With Us For The Holidays and Wintery Season!

One of the neatest monthly art and drawing sites is from one of my favorite authors, Ed Emberley!   
Every month there are amazing Ed Emberley's Drawing Pages and....
...other Book, Drawing, Activities, and more posted for our students, librarians, teachers and families to engage in throughout the year. 
I know in our library and classrooms we are looking for meaningful activities to tie into math, science, social studies, art, music, information literacy, technology and more.  
These activities found on are perfect! 
I clicked on a few more including Holiday Activities under December and....
January Activities while include lots of fun with the holidays, Santa and snow! 
Also on the site, you will find Drawing Book Samplers for drawing with markers, cut and paste, and thumbprints, which just happen to be my favorite!
I love the little Animations and....
...step by step instructions. 
I also added Ed's site to the special Christmas Collection and Winter Collection by Destiny.  You will find the Christmas Collection here
Today, I found this awesome idea from my friend and librarian Rhonda Jenkins too!  Isn't this so cute? 

It will inspire, bring lots of happiness and introduce them to fun drawing skills thanks to Mr. Emberley. 

Happy, Happy Holidays, dear friends. 

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Creating and Building Digital Gingerbread Houses With Our 2nd Graders & Buncee!

Our 2nd graders at Van Meter have kicked off a super fun holiday project! 
After brainstorming with the 2nd grade team of Staci Braun, Tracy Ferguson and Megan Warwick, on what their classes could do as part of the Gingerbread STEM Community and Makerspace Global Project, we decided to have our students create digital gingerbread houses and people to share globally with others around the world and within our community. 
Since these gingerbread projects were going to be digital, we wanted our students to have voice and choice, just as they would working with baking and art materials.  
We created a Padlet, Our Buncee #GingerbreadSTEM Project, and had them add their ideas to this throughout the week.   
We then sent it to Buncee so they could see all of the things the 2nd graders wanted to decorate their gingerbread houses with and make sure the different materials were turned into stickers, animations, backgrounds and more in Buncee for the kids to use as they created their own.
 I just love how they added all of their favorite things!
On Tuesday, we invited our friends at Buncee to Skype into Van Meter with our 2nd graders to talk about these and to share how to create amazing gingerbread Buncee's too! 
 We loved watching Joel create the most beautiful and fun....
 Gingerbread Houses with all kinds of candy, cookies and even....
...a picture of themselves on a lollipop stick! 

Take a look at all of the choices they were looking at as they created their Buncee....

We can even choose this Build Your Own Gingerbread House template to share with all of our students as they...
 ...pick out the different elements and individualize it with special little touches, just as they brainstormed in their Padlet.
There are lots of wonderful holiday background to pick from too.....ginberbread, snow, winter, holidays and...
lots of others colors, designs and scenery to make their Buncee's special and unique.
This coming Monday, our 2nd graders will start creating their #GingerbreadSTEM Buncee!  They will be adding them to this Buncee Board, so please follow it here.

We can't wait to see the amazing gingerbread projects they will be creating and to share them with all of you.  And of course, we can't wait to see what your students and community will create in Buncee too! 

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Winter Break Challenge Tic-Tac-Toe With PebbleGo!

Our students love PebbleGo!  This is the perfect place to keep them engaged, reading, learning and having fun over winter break. 

Today, I was so excited to find this new Featured PebbleGo Lesson Plan in the Capstone Community. It is called Winter Break Challenge Tick-Tac-Toe! 
In this activity, students will use PebbleGo with these eight mini research activities they can do independently or with family and friends.

They will LOVE these as they are focused around things like Researching Your Dream Pet, Holidays Celebrations and 3-2-1 List focusing on what they want to learn in 2019.
We will be sharing this with our students and you can too by visiting Lessons and Activities in Capstone Community here