Monday, July 16, 2018

A New Adventure With Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Tools, Resources and Ideas!

One of my goals over the summer is to learn all I can about virtual, augmented and mixed reality.  I want to be able to bring these amazing tools and resources to all of the students at Van Meter when we kick off a new year this fall.  
I have used augmented and virtual reality in the library when we embedded book talks into the covers of eBooks using LayAR for our Readbox and....
....on Dot Day when the kids colored and played with Quiver's Dot Day coloring page.  

They LOVED these activities and were so engaged, excited and wanted more experiences like this.
This year when the 2018 Best Websites for Teaching and Learning were announced, 
I was excited to see two of my favorite augmented and virtual reality tools....Metaverse and CoSpaces Edu!

You will find Metaverse and CoSpaces Edu in the Collection by Destiny of Best Websites here.

Metaverse uses an easy storyboarding process with no programming required, students and educators can create their own sophisticated, interactive augmented reality mobile games, interactive stories, breakout challenges and more.  Apps can include videos, 3D objects, websites and more.   
CoSpaces Edu lets users build and navigate 3D and 360 degree virtual reality worlds, either replicating actual places or creating imaginary ones using objects and backgrounds from Cospace's library or importing your own.  
Cospaces Edu also allows users to animate and code creations with simple visual programming language.  Use this app to create simulations, tours, games and more.  

I am so excited about the potential and possibilities of Metaverse and CoSpaces! I can't wait to explore these more as I can collaborate, plan and create with my teacher librarian partner and colleagues...and of course with our students. 
As I read, research and learn about all of these amazing tools and resources, I will bring them together in this new Collection, VR, AR and Mixed Reality Tools and Resources that you will find here.  

It is a public Collection so please feel free to share and let me know if you'd like to add things to it too. 

This is just a start....I can't wait to share more along the way! 

Izzy Gizmo....An Inspiring, Determined & Fun New Character For Our Makers!

There's a new little maker on the block and her name is Izzy Gizmo!  
This wonderful new book from our friends at Peachtree Publishers is....

...A feisty tale of determination, ingenuity, and friendship, sure to capture the imaginations of aspiring young inventors.
Izzy Gizmo’s inventions are marvelous, magnificent—and they often malfunction.  But when she finds a crow with a broken wing, she just has to help!  Izzy tries again and again to build a new pair of wings, but nothing is working. And that makes Izzy really cross! Can Izzy overcome her failures?  Or is her friend destined to live as a crow who can’t fly?...
From the moment we open Izzy Gizmo, we are taken into the life of an inventive, creative, inspiring creator....

who doesn't give up and keeps on going through....
...lots of mishaps, trials and amazing celebrations of her creativity and determination.

I love how Izzy will show children to follow their wildest ideas and never give up as they dream up their own wonderful inventions too.  This will be the perfect picture book for any Makerspace and all ages.
On the Peachtree Publishers site, they have provided lots of great information and resources about Izzy Gizmo.  
I really love the Activity Sheets....
...especially this one that will help kids create their own gadget just like Izzy!  I cannot wait to use this with our students at Van Meter.
As we get ready to introduce Izzy Gizmo to our little makers this fall,
...I am printing off these adorable bookmarks that also function as a ruler!  You can find them here.
Don't miss this one from Pip Jones and Sara Ogilvie, friends!  I know Izzy will bring lots of happy, ideas, inspiration and fun to your library and classrooms too.  

Friday, July 13, 2018

Ask Your Librarian A Question With Instagram!

I love using Instagram to engage the community throughout our library, school community and the world.  It is the place we find lots of students, families, authors, technology companies, Makers and others, so being able to share and collaborate using Instagram is always a big success and fun way to stay connected. 

And, guess what?  In the new Instagram update, there is a super cool way to connect with our community even more!  
Within Instagram Stories, we can now add Questions with Stickers! 

This will give us so many opportunities to connect with our community by engaging them with helpful and fun questions of all kinds.  

Let me show you how to add a Questions Sticker to a post in your Instagram Story too!  
Pick a picture for Your Story.  Click on the little Stickers icon in the right hand corner. 
You will find the Questions sticker now.  Click on that.
It will let you change the words where it says Ask me a question... 
to anything you would like. 

You will see that I changed it to, What could you create after reading these books?  This would engage my community and get them to interact with the post from @vmlibraryvoice.
 You can also change the colors....
 and add emojis and symbols to the post. 
When you are finished, click on either Save, Your Story or Send To. You can also Add to Highlights or Your Facebook Story.  
Once you have responses, they are very easy to read and respond to as well. 

I am excited for this new feature and all that it can bring to our community. 

How do you see yourself using this feature within your library and community too?