Friday, July 20, 2018

An Easy Way To Find This Month's SLJ Reviews In Titlewave!

I love getting my School Library Journal in the mail.  I usually throw it in my backpack and read it on the road.  Last weekend when we went to the mountains, I caught up on the latest SLJ.  
After reading a few of the articles, I go straight to the reviews towards the back.  I was excited to see several that I knew were coming and even more that were wonderful surprises.
When I read about picture books, books for middle schoolers, YA, multimedia and more,
I add sticky notes, tag the pages and sometimes I even rip the reviews out to pin up on my board to remind me to add them on my next Follett order.

By the way, do you know that Follett has a super easy way to order these books each month in Titlewave? 
When you go to Follett's Titlewave, which you can find here, 
scroll down a little on the front page and you will find this!

As it says,

Follett makes it easy to shop for titles reviewed in each month's issue of SLJ.  

All you have to do is click on Shop This Month's SLJ Reviews and...
 it will bring up the entire list of reviews from the current issue!  It is that easy!
I am especially excited about the Yasmin series from Capstone and by Saadia Faruqi. When I saw it in School Library Journal, I knew I just had to find it! 

And there it was!  All 5 of the books in the series and all 5 now on my new List!  Now I could easily add it to my List in Titlewave too.  

So next time you have your School Library Journal in your hands, make sure you pop up Titlewave too.  It is that easy, friends.  

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Bookmarks and 4D All About Sharks!

Our friends at Capstone have something awesome for Shark Week this month! 

They have taken their popular All About Sharks series and expanded it with four new 4D titles!  
There are 10 books in this series and they will be available August 1, 2018. 

Our readers will love using the Capstone 4D app to augment and expand their learning with awesome videos in each book. 
And as an extra special treat, check out these bookmarks Capstone has created!  I know our students will love these as they read and learn about sharks.  You will find the bookmarks here.
I included these in the Shark Collection by Destiny too.  You will find it here

Enjoy Shark Week, friends....and learning about sharks all year long.  

Monday, July 16, 2018

A New Adventure With Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Tools, Resources and Ideas!

One of my goals over the summer is to learn all I can about virtual, augmented and mixed reality.  I want to be able to bring these amazing tools and resources to all of the students at Van Meter when we kick off a new year this fall.  
I have used augmented and virtual reality in the library when we embedded book talks into the covers of eBooks using LayAR for our Readbox and....
....on Dot Day when the kids colored and played with Quiver's Dot Day coloring page.  

They LOVED these activities and were so engaged, excited and wanted more experiences like this.
This year when the 2018 Best Websites for Teaching and Learning were announced, 
I was excited to see two of my favorite augmented and virtual reality tools....Metaverse and CoSpaces Edu!

You will find Metaverse and CoSpaces Edu in the Collection by Destiny of Best Websites here.

Metaverse uses an easy storyboarding process with no programming required, students and educators can create their own sophisticated, interactive augmented reality mobile games, interactive stories, breakout challenges and more.  Apps can include videos, 3D objects, websites and more.   
CoSpaces Edu lets users build and navigate 3D and 360 degree virtual reality worlds, either replicating actual places or creating imaginary ones using objects and backgrounds from Cospace's library or importing your own.  
Cospaces Edu also allows users to animate and code creations with simple visual programming language.  Use this app to create simulations, tours, games and more.  

I am so excited about the potential and possibilities of Metaverse and CoSpaces! I can't wait to explore these more as I can collaborate, plan and create with my teacher librarian partner and colleagues...and of course with our students. 
As I read, research and learn about all of these amazing tools and resources, I will bring them together in this new Collection, VR, AR and Mixed Reality Tools and Resources that you will find here.  

It is a public Collection so please feel free to share and let me know if you'd like to add things to it too. 

This is just a start....I can't wait to share more along the way!