Sunday, October 23, 2016

Hagan Celebrates The Chicago Cubs Win With Storyboard That!

We had a lot of baseball excitement in our house this week.  The Chicago Cubs won and they are going to the World Series!  
Hagan is one of the biggest fans and knows every player by heart.  He can't wait to watch the Cubs play in the World Series later this week.  

To celebrate he wanted to make a little project to remember this special win!   
It was important for Hagan to be able to print it off when he was done, so we decided to use Storyboard That.  

This is one digital storytelling tool that has made it easy to create a paper copy of the digital story too. 
Hagan did a great job finding pictures and facts to use in his storyboard.  

When he was finished, he shared it online but also printed it out.  
 There is a Quick Printing Step-by-Step Guide to walk you through the process of...
...Choosing a Print Option, 
 Choosing How To Print A Storyboard, 
 Choosing a Print Layout, 
and Print Layouts.  
It has everything you need for creating the print copy of your storyboard, just like Hagan did with his Chicago Cubs storyboard.
If you are new to Storyboard That, sign up for a 14-day free trial here today!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Ideas for Using AASL Best Website.....EPIC!

Can you image putting over 15,000 beautiful, high-quality and popular books into the hands of your students today?  
With Epic!, this months AASL Best Website shoutout, you can do just that! 
Epic! has brought together thousands of books from major publishers and made it free for all American and Canadian elementary librarians and teachers.  
Your readers will be able to find books on almost anything in Epic! from Read To Me, 

Adventure, Sports, 
Educational Videos and hundreds of books in Spanish too!  
My son Hagan loves LEGO's so we searched LEGO one day.  

An awesome list of LEGO books came up including several of The LEGO Adventure Books. 
It was easy for Hagan to use this book in Epic! to build his very own Idea Lab too. 

You will set up individual profiles for all of your students.  
Once they start reading, Epic! will give them recommendations based on interests and reading level.  

They can also reset their preferences at anytime. 
As they are reading or listening, your students will see others profiles on the bottom of the reader.  
If they click on the different circles (readers), they can see what else they have recently read and even Like their profile.  
Your readers can participate in Reading Challenges throughout the year. 
They will also be able to keep track of their reading through a log. 

Epic! can be accessed on any device and even received an 2016 AASL Best App Award for their app too!  
Epic! will be one of your students favorite places to go this year.  I know it will be epic just like their name says!  
This was originally posted on the AASL Knowledge Quest blog today. You can read this post and others about the AASL Best Websites here

Your Students Can Learn About Bike Safety With Nick in Boulder, Colorado!

Today our friend Nick Hobson joined us for the fifth Cantata Learning People In Your Community Meet and Greet!  
Nick, who is a bike mechanic and instructor from Boulder, Colorado, met with Michelle Griffith's 2nd graders in Lake Jackson, Texas.  
Nick taught us all so much about bikes, fixing bikes and bike safety.  We love how he tied in different Cantata Learning books like When You Want To Cross The Street Look Both Ways into our time together too.
 It sure was fun hearing all of the amazing things Michelle's 2nd graders knew too!
If you missed this Meet and Greet with Nick, don't worry....
 ...we have a live recording available here on the Cantata Learning site.
Thank you Michelle and all of your fun students. We love coming to your library. 

And thank you Nick for taking the time to tell us all about your job in the community.  You make a difference!