Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Check Out All Of Our Readers' Favorite Capstone Characters Here & Download This Special Poster Of Them Too!


Our readers' LOVE all of the amazing Capstone characters!  They are included in picture books, graphic novels, nonfiction books, early readers chapter books and more.  All of our kids connect to the characters making reading and learning so much more meaningful and fun.  
As shared from Capstone, 

Looking for popular book characters that kids will love? You’ve come to the right place! 

From beloved characters like Katie Woo and Yasmin, to new characters sure to become readers' next favorite, Capstone has engaging book series for kids. Reading a book series is fun and also helps develop a child’s reading skills. Book series provide consistency in vocabulary which supports fluency development and comprehension. With each new book, readers can rely on their background knowledge of a character to help make predictions to the story’s plot. Readers get to know more about a favorite character with each new story they read which contributes to their overall understanding and enjoyment of the story, and encourages more reading! 

Get your students hooked on reading with some of our most popular book characters!

You can check out the Readers' Favorite Characters page here which is filled with the different Capstone characters.  

You can even download the amazing Learning is for Everyone poster featuring all of our favorite Capstone characters too. 

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