Thursday, April 12, 2018

Fueling Future Ready Librarians...Our Very Own Newsletter Is Here!

Everyday there are more and more amazing things to share about Future Ready Librarians! There are news, events, articles, posts and celebrations of successes of all kinds.  

We have the Future Ready Librarian Facebook page.  We have #FutureReadyLibs on Twitter.  We have Future Ready Librarian Collections. We have stickers, posters and even Future Ready Librarian tattoos! We have events at conferences, district professional development and within libraries.  We have dozens of online and offline conversations daily. 

And that is just a start!  

With all of these incredible things being shared, learned and celebrated, I thought it would be helpful to have a place where we could go that would share all of these things throughout the year.  

Let me introduce the Fueling Future Ready Librarians Newsletter! 

This will be that place.  A place for us to stay connected to news, upcoming events, resources, and of course, each other.  It will also be a place to jump in and volunteer by reaching out to say you would love to be involved in a Twitter chat, webinar or in another way.  

I will be updating this newsletter each month so please bookmark the Fueling Future Ready Librarians Newsletter so you can refer to it at any time.  

Together, let's lead within and beyond the library and make a difference this year for our students, communities and ourselves. 

We are Future Ready Librarians, friends.

Please subscribe to the newsletter here....

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