Sunday, April 3, 2016

Inspired To Look Into "Finding Winnie" On The LB Kids Site....and Look What We Found!

One of my favorite Caldecott Medal winning books EVER is Finding Winnie....The True Story of the World's Most Famous Bear.   
Tonight when Mr. Schu spoke about this beautiful picture book at the Iowa Association of School Librarians Conference in Des Moines, Iowa, we looked it up to read a bit more and to see what was available for the book online.  I have loved sharing it with Hagan and thought it would be perfect to create a project around too.
 First I went to the author, Lindsay Mattick's amazing website.
On her website, you can read about Finding Winnie and other projects she is working on.  Also, dig deeper into the background behind her award winning book.

Next, I went to the Little Brown Kids website and LOVED what I found!  What a terrific collection of resources for our young readers, librarians, teachers, and parents too.
 For each book, there are Reader Resources which includes a video, Reading Group Guide,
 Full Description,  About the Author, Videos, Praise, and even a place to...
read an excerpt from the book.

I looked through several more books and they even included...posters, materials to copy and create with your students, additional resources, and more.
On the home page of the LB Kids website you will find Fun & Games, 
for books of all kinds,
 and various Downloads like Wallpapers, Activity Sheets, and Posters & Bookmarks. 
There are also Featured Kid's Reading Groups Guides and a place to even Start a Reading Group.  

This would be awesome because it could reach outside of the four walls of the library and school too. 
And one last place you must have your students check out.... There are several Featured Sites featuring some of their best books.
Just look at some of these Featured Sites...  

 Lemony Snicket, 
 Bad Luck, 
 and The Very Fairy Princess.  

As you can see, there is something special and fun for everyone on LB Kids.

I can't wait to spend time on this website with Hagan, especially with summer reading time coming. It will be one of our "reading places to go".

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