Thursday, March 28, 2024

NEW PebbleGo Article & Capstone Interactive eBooks About Eclipses! Find The Template To Copy and Share Here, Friends.


The total solar eclipse is right around the corner on April 8, 2024.  Today, I was so excited to find the brand NEW....

...PebbleGo article, Eclipses!  It's perfect for our learning and celebrations in the library, at school, and even as families learn together at home. 
The article is filled with amazing information including a tab for Solar Eclipses and even Viewing an Eclipse.  
You will also find the Eclipses article in Spanish. 
At the bottom of the PebbleGo Eclipses article, there are three awesome activities that include...
...Eclipses Activity, Share What You Know, and Eclipses Questions for Understanding. 

I printed this off and included them in an email to my teachers so they can use these easily with the PebbleGo article as they get ready for the total solar eclipse on April 8th. 
I took the PebbleGo Eclipses article and paired it up with...
....two eBooks about Eclipses that I found in Capstone Interactive.  
As all of the eBooks in Capstone Interactive, I can grab the direct link to the eBook and add it to the covers in the choice boards.  You can see the link that the arrow points to in the image above. 
I grabbed a screen shot of the Eclipses and...
...Exploring Eclipses eBook cover and added them to the choice board with the PebbleGo article. 

You can push a copy of the choice board here.  You just make a copy and then add your own link to the PebbleGo article and eBooks. 
When you share it with your students, go to File, down to Publish to web, and share that link. 
And you can find the other choice board I created, with more information here in this post.  I updated it and added the PebbleGo article. 

Have fun celebrating and learning with your school community too, friends. 

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