Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Kids Can Create "All About Me" Projects With This StoryboardThat Project and Storyboard Template!


When I was with my librarian friends at NHP-GPS in Long Island this week, we were planning lessons for the rest of the school year.  One digital storytelling tool that we wanted to teach them about this year was Storyboard That.  

As shared on the StoryboardThat site

StoryboardThat is an online storyboarding tool that makes it easy to create storyboards even without being an artist. With StoryboardThat, you can create a digital story in minutes using both images, text, and storyboard templates. You can even use our many resources to help you get started.

Let me share the special idea we came up with for their 4th and 5th graders. 

They will be creating StoryboardThat "All About Me" projects.  In the different cells included in StoryboardThat, the students will describe different life events and share the importance of the event. 

They will add scenes, characters, items, text and more to illustrate each event.  

This is the storyboard template they will print on paper for the students to use in their brainstorming and planning process.  They will then take this work and transfer it into StoryboardThat. 

You will find this template and the project directions here.  Just push a copy and use it as your own to make changes, etc...

I have done projects like this at our school using StoryboardThat and it is always such a hit. This is a great one to do towards the end of the school year as they can share about the year and all of their accomplishments, memories and fun times. 
Friends, you can find out all about StoryboardThat here

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