Sunday, March 3, 2024

Bringing MagicSchool AI To Your Library, Classroom and School Community This Week Too!


One of my favorite new digital tools and resources is MagicSchool AI.  I am so excited that I am now an AI Certified Trainer. In fact, I am getting ready for lots of events this spring where I will be sharing all about MagicSchool. 
With MagicSchool AI, teachers, librarians and administrators will find over 70 AI tools that will save time, fight burnout and promote sustainability, while building AI competencies and skills.  

And guess what?  In just a few weeks, MagicStudent will be rolled out to make a wonderful and important impact on our students. 

You can join the AI Innovators Program for School and Districts which is a great opportunity as we bring AI to our school communities.  You can learn about and apply for this special program here.

And check out MagicSchool AI here, friends.  I can't wait to hear what MagicSchool AI tools you love too.

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