Tuesday, March 5, 2024

It's The Spring Break Choice Board For Everyone To Share and Use!


With Spring Break starting this Friday for our school and many others, a lot of families have been asking me for fun and engaging resources for their children to do at home or while traveling on vacation. 

I have reminded them about our library website and all of the places they can do to read eBooks and listen to audio books, not to mention that they can check out a few extra books tomorrow before break starts too. 
For those who are wanting a few more activities and resources to do online, I have created the new Spring Break Choice Board with places for our students and families to go to relax, create, read, play and visit. 

You can share this with your students and families too!  This is the link to share and if you are wanting to make a few changes, you can do that at this link by making a copy. 
To share this, I created a bookmark with a QR code that I will pass out to all of our students tomorrow. 
Here is the QR code that you can use too. 

I will also be sharing on social media and sending out in an email, just to make sure that everyone has the library site and this choice board. 

Happy Spring Break, friends.  I hope you have a relaxing and peaceful break. 

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