Thursday, March 21, 2024

An Exciting NEW 3rd Grade Opinion Writing Project Using Capstone Interactive eBooks and StoryboardThat!


When my friend and colleague, Amanda Wright, came to me with a project idea for her 3rd graders, I was so excited to collaborate and co-teach with her. She was focusing on opinion writing for this one. 

After hearing her needs and doing a little brainstorming, we decided to give the students two choices of where they would rather live, the ocean or mountain; do some research about the places; write about their opinion and give reasons; and create a StorybordThat to share with their classmates. 

Let me show you what we did for this special project. 

First, we found the perfect book series, Places We Live, to use in our Capstone Interactive.  
I created a choice board in Google Slides with the two books, Living Beside the Ocean and Living on a Mountain. 
We also created this graphic organizer in Google Slides and modeled it after what they would be creating in...
...StoryboardThat with 5 cells or columns. 

If you would like to make a copy of this graphic organizer and StoryboardThat template, you will find the link to push a copy here.
Amanda did the first part of this lesson.  She introduced the topic and shared the Capstone Interactive eBooks with the students. 
She then shared the graphic organizer and had the students fill this out with their opinion writing. 
This took the students two days. 
On the third day, I came to their classroom and taught them about StoryboardThat
The 3rd graders couldn't wait to start creating and did an amazing job. 
The graphic organizer was super helpful and they followed that within the 5 cells or columns they created.
As the students finished their StoryboardThat's, we had them add to the Padlet we created. 

Take a look at some of these amazing creations!  
I love how these projects turned out and can't wait to collaborate on our next StoryboardThat project with Amanda and our others teachers at Van Meter. 

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