Monday, March 4, 2024

Make The Book Madness 2024 Choice Board and Posters A Slam Dunk For Your Students Too!


It's almost time for March Madness and time to kick off our BOOK MADNESS 2024! 

Since we run our You've Been Virtually Book'd all throughout the school year, I use the books that I pull to focus on during Book Madness event. These can be seen in the choice board poster above. 

You will find the choice board here with all of the books linked and the main Book Madness book list from Titlewave here.

Let me tell you how I start planning for Book Madness. 

As I started planning for the 2024 Book Madness, I went to the NCAA March Madness site to...
...find the schedule, which was very helpful in laying out our event.  
I also found and printed a few of the official brackets to show the kids.  They will think this is super cool and may even want a copy as they watch the games at home too. 

You will find the 2024 NCAA Basketball Championship bracket here
For my brackets, I went to Canva and created several different bracket templates. You will find the Canva file here where you can make a copy and change them up for your use too. 
I used this one pictured in Canva, made a copy and brought it over to a Google Slide so I could add the book covers to my You've Been Virtually Book'd BOOK MADNESS 2024 list. 

I picked ones that I heard the kids talk about and ones that they loved throughout the year. I just took a screen shot of the covers and added them to the slides.  
You can make this into a choice board by linking each book cover image to book trailers, information from an authors website, an article or interview, and even a eBook within our Destiny Discover.  
It can also be downloaded and printed as a colored or... and white poster for teachers to hang up and mark as they vote on their favorite books through the March Book Madness. 

You can switch up these brackets with any books that fit the need of your readers. They can be picture books, nonfiction, chapter books, YA books and more.  

Happy March Book Madness, friends.  I hope it's a slam dunk for you and your students too. 

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