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A Choice Board Filled With eBooks For April Fools' Day From Our Capstone Interactive! You Will Find The List and Choice Board Template Here, Friends.


On April 1, we celebrate April Fools' Day.  This is a fun day to share jokes with each other.  

I put together a new choice board filled eBooks from our..

I love being able to go to our Capstone Interactive with over 5,500 Interactive eBooks. 
Take a look the unique features of Capstone Interactive that makes it our favorite eBook platform. 

Let me show you how easy it use Capstone Interactive to create choice boards filled with eBooks like the one I created for April Fools' Day. 

First, I logged into our and went to the eBooks tab, as shown in the image above. 

I typed in Jokes to the Search at the top of the page. 

This brought up 12 Capstone Interactive eBooks. I included all of these in the choice board. 
As I put the choice board together in a Google Slide, I went to each eBook to grab a screen shot of the book cover and the direct link to the eBook. 
To get the link, I clicked Open in the platform and clicked on the link as shown above. 
I then took the link and added it to the eBook cover in the choice board.  I did this for each eBook. 
When I was all done, I went to File, Share, and Publish to web. 
When this window popped up, I clicked on Publish...

...and grabbed the Publish to the web link. 

This is what we share with our students.  It takes them directly to the choice board and to the eBooks.  We can share in their Google Classroom or Seesaw, or even through a QR code for our learners with iPads. 
You will find a copy of the April Fools' Day choice board here.  You can link the Capstone Interactive eBooks you have, or switch it up for your students and community too. 

This week, I will share more about Capstone Interactive and what makes this amazing eBook platform stand out above the rest. 

You can find out how to add eBooks and Capstone Interactive to your library and school here
And you will find all of the eBooks here on the NEW Capstone site here.

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