Thursday, March 7, 2024

Community Events Are The Perfect Way To Bring Students, Families, Community Members and Others To Your Literati Book Fair!

One of the best parts of hosting a Literati Book Fair is giving students, families, community members and others opportunities to come to community events that you host during the fair.  

It could be a special open house time during the spring concert or family conferences; a event for grandparents and family members; an after school event run by your high school football team or swing choice; or perhaps an event during track and field day.  The possibilities are endless!

At our fall book fair, we planned several events.  We even invited our public librarian to come to our book fair during family conference time. The was a great way to celebrate our collaborative #VanMeterReaders campaign and get the kids signed up for their public library card. And not to mention, the perfect way to get families looking at and picking out books together from the Literati Book Fair. 
On Literati's Open Book site, you will find all kinds of Book Fair Resources including, 
Event Ideas!  I love the suggestions Literati has for hosting events during our book fairs. I know you will be inspired by these and will find lots of way to bring your school community in for your book fair. 

You can find out how to host a Literati Book Fair, and lots of other community event ideas, here on the Literati site. 

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