Sunday, February 14, 2021

Let's Follow NASA's Rover Mission To Mars This Week With These Resources and Choice Board

On February 18, the NASA rover, Perseverance, lands on Mars.  This is such an exciting mission and one that our students can follow along with all of the amazing resources NASA and others have created and put together for all of us as educators, librarians and families. 
NASA has put together an awesome site called NASA Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover that can be found here. As I looked through this site, and other resources online, I pulled together resources, activities, interactive experiences, live cams and more. 
I started at the NASA Sciences Space Place site, where you will find several places for students to learn about Mars and the rover. 
On the NASA site, you will also find the Mission to Mars Students Challenge page, which includes lots of...
...educational resources for all age. 
I also went to one of our favorite places to find read alouds, Story Time from Space, where I found three perfect books including Curiosity, The Story of a Mars Rover, 
Hey-Ho, To Mars We'll Go, and...
...Max Goes To Mars. 
These resources, along with others, make up the new Let's Follow the Rover's Mission To Mars Choice Board. 

You can share this link with your students for the choice board above.  

If you would like to make any changes, you can make a copy here
That is something I always do for our choice boards at Van Meter.  I go back to the choice boards and add links to our PebbleGo, PebbleGo Next, Capstone Interactive eBooks and others we have in our library collection within Destiny Discover. 
Here is what is looks like.  I put a little square in the corner, added some text and linked it to slide 2 which includes...
...the eBooks, PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next articles.  And remember, it's super easy to link directly to PebbleGo articles now with this new feature
One more thing I would love to share is a place on the NASA site that lets you send your name to Mars. 
Once you fill out the information, it gives you a ticket for your future trip to Mars. 
You can download, email or embed these tickets.  Wouldn't it be fun to print these for all of your students as you get ready to.... the February 18 landing broadcast here.

What an exciting week, friends.  Have fun following it with your students and school community too. 

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