Tuesday, February 2, 2021

We Can All Stick Together Anywhere With The VIRTUAL StickTogether Boards!


Our students love doing the amazing StickTogether posters together.   It is always such a fun sight to see them working on these posters together and to see how excited they are when they finish them too. 

With our current situation this year, our friends at StickTogether created something very special for our students that they can do anywhere with their friends online. 

They are Virtual StickTogether Boards!  As they shared, We can't always be together, but we can always StickTogether! 

And this week, they shared 3 NEW Virtual StickTogether Boards for Valentine's Day. They are shown above.  I can't wait to share these with our students and teachers to work on together at school and at home this month. 
I always so much fun working on our Virtual StickerBoards.  
Let me show you how they work. On the right, you will see the different colored stickers marked with the corresponding letters. You click on the color and then click on the StickerBoard to make it stick. 

As you are working on the StickerBoard, you can click on the magnifying glass which will pull up a grid and let you select the section you'd like to zoom in on.  

Students can also see the number of players present as they are working and even read...

...messages left by the teacher or administrator.  Only administrators can post. 
I love how we can also set the number of stickers each participant places per day.  This will give all students an opportunity to contribute to the Stickerboard too. 

In that same window you can add a final message that will appear when the image is completed.  You must press SAVE for these changes to take effect, and these can be changed and updated at any time in the process.  

As the StickTogether site states, 

Your first Virtual StickTogether Stickerboard* experience is FREE! Just purchase one $5 Stickerboard and add the CODE: VIRTUAL and Checkout and the $5 will be refunded. (One FREE Stickerboard per Customer).
After you make your purchase, you will receive a separate CREATE YOUR STICKERBOARD email with instructions for setting up your personal Stickerboard.  From there you can select an image from a gallery, similar to the ones above. Once the image is selected, you can retrieve the unique link that provides access to your private Stickerboard. Simply share this link with your group. There is no sign-in required for members of your group to add stickers to your Stickerboard. Only those who receive the link can join in. 

So once you have your StickerBoard, you can give it a title, add your name and a message... 

 ...before you share it through a link, as shown circled above. 

You will find the Virtual StickTogether Boards here, where you can get your free one to do with your students and community too. 

And guess what?  
There is a very special event from StickTogether right now called the Valentine's Image Students Art Contest and Giveaway! 

Here is how to enter: 
1) Have students use one 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper. 

2) Have them draw one BIG Heart to fill the page. Then instruct them to fill the HEART with bold colors and shapes using any materials they like: crayons, markers, cray pas, paint, watercolor, colored pencils - anything that has color!  Fill the background with color as well - the more color the better. Try to avoid fine lines and lettering.

3) Scan your students' HEART Art and email them to info@letsticktogether.com before Sunday Feb. 7. The WINNER will be announced on Tuesday Feb. 9.

The WINNING image will be added to our Virtual Stickboard Gallery. The Librarian or Teacher who submits the WINNING entry gets 2 FREE Standard Kits or 100 FREE Stickerboards or 1 FREE Custom Kit of the WINNING HEART ART image.

Thank you, friends.  You have given us very special to share with our students.  I can't wait to share it with them tomorrow too! 

You can order the Virtual Stickerboards here

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