Friday, February 19, 2021

45 Virtual Field Trips (15 New Ones) On The "Let's Take A Trip Around The World Buncee Choice Board"!

Our students are having so much fun visiting all kinds of places through the virtual field trips I added to the Let's Take A Trip Around The World Buncee. 

We are now up to 45 different virtual field trips as I added another page this morning.  
It's been great seeing all of the other places people have been sharing, so I spent some time adding some of those to this Buncee too. 
At the bottom of each page, users will see a little arrow pointing to the place to go back and forth between...
Page 1, 
 and 3. 
One tiny tip....Make sure you point out that they click on the little link in the upper right hand corner to go to the virtual field trips. 

Ohhhhh and have you seen this one....Hopper the Explorer!  I am going to share more about this one tomorrow and I can't wait! 
Also, I added three from Disney...
...two from 360 for Kids.  The kids will LOVE these. 

I will continue to look for more and more virtual field trips to add to this Buncee.  Let me know if you have any I should add too, friends. 

You will find the Let's Take A Trip Around The World Buncee here.  

Here is a QR code for students to scan with their devices. You will find it here to download to make a copy or share. 

Have fun sharing this with your students, at school or virtually, and see where it will take them! 

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