Sunday, February 7, 2021

Special Lesson Plans For Using Ozobots With All Students Throughout the Year! Check Out The 3 For February Too, Friends!

Our students LOVE using our Ozobots.  They love the independence, joy and excitement the Ozobots bring as our students code them by coloring coding with markers and through screens with OzoBlockly. 

As a teacher and librarian, I love how we can use our Ozobots with any age, preschool to our oldest learners, as we tie them into special events throughout the year, curriculum standards, and personal exploration and passions.  They fit into any classroom, with any students, in face-to-face and remote learning settings. 

Let me show you how to find the Ozobot Lessons, especially the ones around special events throughout the year. 
On the Ozobot site, there is a tab for Lessons which takes us to dozens of amazing lessons for...

...all subjects, 
class or remote-friendly lessons, and a...
...variety of other filters. 

I especially love the Featured Lessons Ozobot creates throughout the year. 

This month is Black History Month, so there are two...

..that are perfect for all grades, one for grades 2-5 and grades 6-12 grade. 
There is also one for Lunar New Year, one of my favorite ways to use Ozobots with our younger students. 
When you visit one of the lessons, it will give you everything you need from objectives, outcomes, preparation, 
background knowledge, teacher tips, direct instruction and more.  They are really amazing!  

You can visit the Ozobot Lesson Library here.  These can be saved in your account to make it easy to track what you have used or want to use. 
And the Ozobot Lesson Creator is super cool as you can create your own lessons using Ozobot Templates and your own lesson plans, PDF's, videos and more. 

I am excited for the special Ozobot Lesson Plans for February and I can't wait to see what they have in store to share for March too!  

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