Monday, February 19, 2018

President's Day Collection....Something For Everyone!

It's President's Day and a time to honor the presidents of the United States.  

To celebrate, I brought together a new President's Day Collection that you will find here.
First, I included an awesome list of books for President's Day in this Titlewave List.  You will find the list in the President's Day Collection and by clicking here.
Next, I included two super places to visit in PebbleGo.  You will find all of the Presidents in PebbleGo and....
 a few of the First Ladies. 
Also, Cantata Learning has two stories and songs that will fit perfectly on this day.  One about George Washington and the other about Abraham Lincoln. 

How fun to sing along as your students learn about these two amazing presidents! 
 I have included a project ideas too! 
I especially love the ideas using Storyboard That, which you can find in the Collection.

I hope you had a great day celebrating President's Day.  These resources in the President's Day Collection are wonderful to use today and any day of the year as we celebrate our presidents and country too.  

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