Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Fixed Resource Cards In Collections Are Here!

I always enjoy getting emails and seeing posts from my good friend Jason See, who is Follett's Director of Classroom Solutions.  

I know there will be something super cool Jason and his team will want to share.  

Well today, I loved this FB post from Jason!  I have been waiting for this one.  

We, as librarians, teachers and even students, have been asking Follett to give us a way to view all of the resources on a Collections page and today they did it!  

You will now find Fixed Resource Cards in Collections!  

In fact, if you open up a Collection....
you will see that this Collection automatically updated to the fixed resource cards.  

Check out the 2018 Winter Olympics Collection here.  You see how each resource is now a smaller card-like format.  
 If you click on one, like this one pointing to the Michelle Kwan article in PebbleGo,

it will let you perform several functions by clicking on those three dots in the right hand corner of each resource card. 
You can also click on the i in the blue circle in the left hand corner to open up each resource card.  This will show all of the information you have added including specific directions, tips or other information.  This will be very helpful when assigning students research, collaborating with teachers, connecting students to new and interesting content, and so much more.  

I love the new resource card feature as it makes it easier to read, research and brainstorm ideas for all of our needs.  

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