Friday, February 2, 2018

Classroom Doodles....A Doodle For Just About Everything!

This week as I was pulling resources together for the...
...Black History Month Collection, I saw my amazing friend and teacher librarian Gwyneth Jones mention something new. 
She was sharing Black History Month Doodles with influential African Americans like Harriet Tubman, Jackie Robinson and Martin Luther King, Jr.
I especially couldn't wait to see the Rosa Parks Doodle.  When I clicked on it, I was excited to see that it was not only a doodle, but also a place to write about and draw Rosa Parks and an...
inspiration quote.  These doodles were terrific!   

I just had to see where these came from and went to....
Classroom Doodles, which is filled with dozens and dozens of amazing doodles!  
Samantha is the talent behind these beautiful doodles.  I reached out to her before I wrote this post to make sure it was okay I shared Classroom Doodles with all of you.  She was excited! 

As you look through her site, you will find a doodle perfect for so many things.  

Let's take a look....
There is Classroom with topics like Indoor Recess Activities, Writing Paper, Bookmarks and...
 Journal Prompts.  
I love all of the different journal prompts Samantha has created.  
 There are doodles for School Environment including Goal Setting, People at School and...
Growth Mindset.  
There are doodles for Special Events such as 100th Day of School, Summertime, 
Holidays and Black History Month.  
There are doodles for all of the different school Subjects such as...
The Classroom, By Subject and School Events.  I can think of so many ways to use these doodles.
The Specials category caught my eye and I was happy to see there were....
Library Coloring Pages included.  These would be great to print off and lay out in a Community Coloring Space within your library. 
As you can see, Classroom Doodles covers about everything within the library, classroom and interests of our young people. 

I would suggest signing up for the Doodles Diaries Newsletter here to keep up to date to additions that are published in the coloring pages she created and uploads to the site.

Thank you Samantha for creating such a fun and creative site for all of us.  

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