Monday, February 26, 2018

150 Lightbox Collections....Bringing So Much More To The Interactive Reading and Learning Experience Within Lightbox!

Have you heard the news from Follett?
They have created and rolled out 150 featured Lightbox Collections!
These can be found for grades PreK to 12th grade focusing on topics from science, math, health, social studies and more.

These special Collections by Destiny are the perfect addition for 150 Lightbox titles.

Lightbox is a fully interactive, multidimensional, supplemental solution for PreK-12 educators looking to improve engagement and literacy skills.  It supports the varied approached you use to help students master the standards and accommodates the needs of all learners, according to the Follett site.
As you can see, these new Collections will be another wonderful addition to each Lightbox title bringing even more resources and project ideas to our teachers, while encouraging engaging and meaningful learning experiences for our students.
Within each Collection, you will find resources that have been specially curated to compliment the subject of specific Lightbox titles.

In addition to the many ways students can engage with Lightbox content, including embedded videos, activities, maps and illustrations, Featured Lightbox Collections include opportunities for extension and further exploration of Lightbox content. Each includes free OER (Open Education Resources) articles, interactives, and videos that extend the Lightbox experience for students and teachers.

All links in Featured Lightbox Collections are assured to be live and working. Each night links are verified and validated for content to make sure content is active.
The Lightbox Collections can be found with the Public Collections within Destiny Discover.

Tools, including lesson plans, presentations, assessments and worksheets, not only give teachers new ideas for instruction, but also save their valuable time, finding and providing the resources so teachers do not need to on their own. Through the use of Featured Lightbox Collections, teachers are accessing a tool designed to create new, collaborative ways for librarians, teachers and curriculum staff to share free or purchased resources across the district, school or between users.

Here are a few more ways Lightbox Collections can bring so much to your library, classroom and readers....
  • Use with ELL students 
  • Use when teaching a second language
  • Use with home to school connections ( for both Spanish speaking and non-Spanish speaking families) 
  • Enrichment
  • Engaging excitement about learning a second language
  • To use with junior high and high school....I love using children's books with the older ones and these would be perfect. 
  • Reteaching 
  • Reinforcing skills 
  • Helping teachers/adults learn language
  • Tying in multimedia to gain excitement when teaching 
  • Tie-in a possible project for the students.  They can create their own Lightbox type book/eBook using a tool like Buncee....tie in videos, audio, images, text to create a digital story.  Lightbox could be a great jumping off point for these type of projects.   
  • Use in presentations by teachers for teaching Spanish words and also content

Let's take a look at a few of the new Lightbox Collections....
As you can see, these Collections have just what you need to help you bring learning to life in your library and classroom today.

To find out more about Lightbox, please visit this link.
And you can read my post Lightbox...An Interactive Reading and Learning Experience For Your Students here.

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