Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Set Your Students Up For Success With Classroom Screen!

While reading through posts and tweets after the TCEA Conference, I came across one that was especially intriguing from my friend and librarian Colleen Graves.  

She shared, is one of the coolest and simplest teaching hacks I learned at TCEA!  

How cool! You can quickly get a timer, textbook, QR code, noise meter, drawing tools, work symbols and more!

I went to the site right away to check it out.  
When you log into Classroom Screen, it takes you to....
a screen that looks like this.  
The first thing I did was click on the circle in the left hand corner.
This gave me a little background on the developer Laurens Koppers, who is a teacher in the Netherlands.  I loved finding this out because tools that are created by teachers for their classrooms are often times the best!
On this page, I also found How It Works, 
 Tips and Tricks, 
and a Padlet for Sharing your experiences with other users.  

I was ready to use Classroom Screen myself!  
You will see this amazing tool bar at the bottom of the screen that lets you add so many different instructions for your students.  

I gave it a try by thinking of a way I could use it this week. 
Tomorrow I will be celebrating Digital Learning Day with a few little friends around the country on Skype.  I will be sharing Staying Safe Online, the book I wrote with Cantata Learning. I thought it would be fun for the students to learn the song, write down 5 things they learned about being digital leaders and then create a Buncee sharing what they learned.  

On the Classroom Screen I created, I included the directions using Text.  I included two QR to the Staying Safe Online YouTube video and one to Buncee. I also added a Work Symbol for working together, Class Timer and Traffic Light.  I also changed the Background by adding an image of the Staying Safe Online cover.  

Once you have added the directions that you want and your Classroom Screen is ready, project it onto a screen in your library and classroom and let you students get to work.  

I love this!  It was so quick and easy to create this place students could go when they came into the library or classroom.  
 You can choose from 44 different languages or....
you can click on Add a Language and it will tell you have to make a translation in the language you want too.  
Today, I loved seeing my friend and librarian Nikki Robertson shared this post from her library and I have seen a few others share how they are using it too.

And it isn't just to use for students.  Classroom Screen is a wonderful tool to use with teacher too. In fact, I even used it in India last week with the teacher librarians I was with there.

As you learn more about Classroom Screen and bring it to your classroom and library, check out the video below for more tips and information.

I can't wait to see how you use it too!  


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    I appreciate the level of research you did. i will share this information with my friend Rebecca Antinozzi she is also a school teacher.