Thursday, February 1, 2018

Brightly... A Super Cool Site That Helps Us Raise Kids Who Love To Read!

Do you follow Brightly?  If you don't, follow it ASAP.  I have to say this website is one my favorite stops every single day! 

It is after all the website that promotes itself as a place that helps us Raise Kids Who Love To Read. 
Brightly is brought to us by our friends at Penguin Random House...  
and is packed full of information and resources for all ages.
Brightly includes a special place for all of us and for each one of our readers too.   

As you can see under the Popular Topics, there are is a special place for Educators, Book Clubs, 
Brightly Storytime, 

Meet the Illustrator, Kid-Approved and more!  
 Then there is a tab for Tips & Advice, 
 Grown-Up Reads and...
Just for Fun.  

One of the things I LOVE the most are the AWESOME book lists Brightly curates and shares.  

Take a look at the ones under 2018.... 
When you click on a book (I can't wait for The Digger and the Flower!), you can read more about the book and see reviews, plus with a little more digging....
you will go to the publisher page which often times includes so much more like educational tie-in's and...
little book trailers.  

As you can see, you will be spending lots of time on Brightly, because we all love raising kids who love to read as librarians, teachers, families and friends.  
You can follow Brightly on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and a few other social places.  

Don't forget to subscribe....That is how I keep up on all of these cool things!  
And make sure you check out all of the other sites in the Penguin Random House Network too. 

You will find Brightly here.  I know you will love it...and don't forget to share it with your students and others too.   

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