Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Celebrate Diversity with Cantata Learning!

There are several special days throughout the year that bring so much happiness and love to our libraries, classrooms, communities and homes. 
We just celebrate two of my favorites. The first was...  
Multicultural Children’s Book Day, on January 27. 2018.
The mission of Multicultural Children’s Book Day is to not only raise awareness for the kids’ books that celebrate diversity, but to get more of these books into classrooms and libraries too.
This year, Multicultural Children’s Book Day happened to fall on the same week we celebrated another one of my favorites, 
LitWorld’s World Read Aloud Day
LitWorld shares, World Read Aloud Day brings together people all around the globe to read aloud together and share stories to advocate for literacy as a human right that belongs to all people.
These two events fit together perfectly in lifting up diversity in children’s books and globally connecting the voices of all children through the books and stories that we share with them.  
As I planned for my week of honoring these events through connecting and reading aloud with several libraries and classrooms around the world, I sat by my bookshelves surrounded by the beautiful new season of Cantata Learning titles and I thought about how much I love how these stories and songs celebrate diversity in such a special way.  
I want to share these ideas with you!  Please visit this post on the Cantata Learning to see how we spent Multicultural Children’s Book Day and World Read Aloud Day with Cantata Learning as we raised awareness for kids books that celebrate diversity!

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