Friday, February 2, 2018

Get The NEW Future Ready Librarian Digital Badge and Stickers!

You will love this, friends!  

We have created an awesome new Future Ready Librarian digital badge!  

As I shared earlier in the week, when I was getting ready for the FETC Conference in Florida, I thought....Hey, we need a special Future Ready Librarians sticker!  So, we made lots of them. 
And boy, were they a BIG hit!

It has been really fun seeing pictures of the Future Ready Librarians stickers on computers, in libraries, on shirts and conference badges and more.
We will have the stickers and...
the I Am A Future Ready Librarian Posters at conferences coming up this year including TCEA, TLA, ISTE, ALA and more. 

You can also download the new badge and stickers online. 
 They are located on the Project Connect site under....
 Project Connect in the News.  

 Today, I downloaded the Digital Badge and added it to my....
email signature and...
to my blog.  

I LOVE showing how I am a Future Ready Librarian.  I hope that you add this to your online places and show everyone how you are too!  

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