Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Write and Share Your Future Ready Librarian Goals For 2017-18 HERE!

I have been working on three different  Future Ready Librarian Portfolio templates for workshops and presentations coming up this summer.

As I do this, I have been thinking a lot about how we can gather, record, publish, share and synthesize all of the amazing things we are doing within each of the...
gears of the Future Ready Librarian framework.  There are things we do everyday and all of the elements of the framework are important as we document, share our stories and become even more Future Ready.

This time of year we are using these stories to create end-of-year library reports, portfolios for annual personal reviews with administrators and goals for the future.  I had a digital portfolio that I kept up to date for these very reasons and to tell my story of being a Future Ready Librarian too.

Tonight I came across a really cool idea from Suzanne Snead @librareprincess on Twitter.
She tweeted She's got #goals. Getting a jump start on 17-18 with my nifty little planner. #FutureReadyLibs
Suzanne created the Future Ready Librarian Goals in Google Sheets, making it very easy to add things under each of the ten gears throughout the year. You can add text, images, links, etc.. to the space underneath each column or gear.

Also, having this in Google Sheets will give her the opportunity to use this year after year, adding another sheet or tab to hold a new year.

After I saw her tweet, I asked her if we could all use this by making a copy and using it as our own personal Future Ready Librarian space too.  She was excited to share it with all of us.

You can find the Future Ready Librarian Gears Template here.  You can just make a copy and add it to your Google Drive.

As you wrap up your year, this will be a wonderful place to start planning for a new year, embracing all parts of the framework and becoming a Future Ready Librarian.

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