Wednesday, May 10, 2017

We Can Share Our Future Ready Librarian Goals With One Another Here!

With the Future Ready Librarian 2017-18 Goals Template (created by our friend and teacher librarian Suzanne Snead) being shared in big ways this week, we are all thinking about our qualities, goals and stories around being a Future Ready Librarian.  

Please read the first post to learn more about the Future Ready Librarian 2017-18 Goals Template Suzanne created in Google Sheets. 

The collaboration has been amazing today and several people have asked if there was a way we could share our goals with each other.  
I started the Let's Share Our Future Ready Librarian 2017-18 Goals With Each Other Padlet that will serve as this place for sharing our Future Ready Librarian 2017-18 Goals.

To get the Padlet started, I added the Future Ready Librarian 2017-18 Goals TEMPLATE.  This is what everyone can make a copy of as you start your goals too.

Once you have a link to your Future Ready Librarian 2017-18 Goals, take that link....
and share it on the Padlet by clicking on the hot pink circle with a + sign in the right hand corner.
This will open up a window that allows you to add yours too.

Please put YOUR NAME IN FOR THE TITLE and write whatever you'd like below that.


This will bring up the ADD AN ATTACHMENT and that is where you will PASTE THE URL TO YOUR GOOGLE SHEETS.

Now your goals are added to the collaborative Future Ready Librarian Goals Padlet too!
At the bottom of each note on the Padlet, there is a place to add a COMMENT.  Feel free to add comments lending support, feedback and asking questions.  

This is a wonderful way to collaborate and learn together as Future Ready Librarians and friends. 

It is always scary sharing something like this with others at first, but it also a way to find such comfort and support as we are often the only teacher librarian in a building and even district, like I was at my school.  

But let's take a step in opening up our practice and minds this year as we become the best librarians and people we can be.  

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