Tuesday, May 16, 2017

How To Create A Summer Reading Journal With Buncee and Capstone

I am excited because it is time to sign all students up for the Summer Sparks Reading Contest
As the Summer Sparks page states, 

Buncee and Capstone have teamed up to bring you the Summer Sparks Reading Contest.  With summer rolling in, we put our heads together to brainstorm ways to encourage students to read and learn all summer long.  Then, an idea was sparked!  We are now thrilled to offer this contest to your school.  
Through books and research, you can travel through time and space, meeting people and going places you've never been before.  Journal your summer reading adventures and ideas sparked for a chance to win.  

To participate, simply have your students create reading journals on Buncee! 

Buncee is providing access to their creation tool to participating schools, all summer long.  Capstone is offering free access to Capstone Interactive, their digital library, and to their K-6 research database, PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next. 

This post 4 Easy Steps To Get Started With The Summer Sparks Reading Contest will help get you and your students off to a perfect start.  It has easy tips for making sure they have what they need.  

Now, let's talk about inspiring your students with a few ideas for creating their Summer Sparks Reading Journals too.  

They will be using Buncee to create their journals and PebbleGo Next, PebbleGo and Capstone Interactive for reading, research and fun. 

With these tools and resources, your students will be able to create a very special summer reading experience by creating a Summer Sparks Reading Journal.
As explained on the Summer Sparks page, there will be a weekly #SummerSparks17 Prompt to research and explore.  Students will create a Buncee responding to the Summer Sparks question.  
The first #SummerSparks17 Prompt of the Week is out this week, so Hagan and I decided to kick off his Summer Sparks Reading Journal.

We read the question together and brainstormed ideas as we talked about the summer.

Hagan also researched states in PebbleGo Next and animals in PebbleGo Animals.  He also researched and read books in Capstone Interactive.  It was all coming together and he knew the Buncee he was going to create.  

You can see Hagan's first Summer Sparks Buncee above or click here

This is a great example for you to show your students as they brainstorm what a summer reading journal could look like.  

They can tell their stories with photographs, stickers, animations, text, videos, sound and more. 
Watch this video Buncee Creation 101 to learn all about Buncee.  This is the perfect thing to show your students as they learn about Buncee and start their summer reading journals.  

And here a a few ideas using Buncee as they read, research and create.  

And check out the amazing Buncee Gallery too which is filled with fantastic examples to share.  
We are very excited for Summer Sparks and can't wait to see what you and your students read, research and create this summer too!  

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