Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A Fly On The Wall Shares 4 Stories From American History

One of my favorite things about library conferences are all of the new books I find.  And one of my favorite places to go is the Capstone booth to see all of the new books they have!  

At the TLA Conference last month, I was scanning the new Capstone books in their booth. This book about the Wright Brothers jumped out at me.  I loved the illustration on the cover and knew young readers would want to read about their first flight too.  I couldn't wait to look inside. 
But suddenly, this little character caught my eye!  It was a fly!!!

In fact, this little fly on the wall tells first-person accounts of key events in American History in this brand new series from Capstone, A Fly on the Wall History. 

As shared by Capstone, 

Who better to tell the stories of great moments in American history than flies on the wall? In Fly on the Wall History, charming cartoon flies provide first-person accounts of key events in accessible, factual language, injecting kid-friendly humor and fun where appropriate.
The unique first-person narration puts readers right in the action, while informative introductions, afterwords, and timelines show how the story fits into history’s “big picture.” 

Perfect for Grades 1-3.
 You can find information about all four of this series on the Capstone site here.
I love how Capstone found an unique and fun way to share these stories from history.

They will definitely draw our readers into these historical events in America, giving them an unique view of what it was like to be part of these stories too.

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